Ancient structures

How to see the most mysterious ancient structures.

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“There are always things to … what did not dream our wise men!”. Do you agree that this phrase is relevant at all times? Despite the Hyper-speed, breakneck technical innovations, globalization, information flows are crazy, the world holds many mysteries, and scientists of today often can not afford to unravel the secrets of the past. What to speak about simple inhabitants? We have only admiration to primitivity but build a naive hypothesis.

For example, on how the pyramids were built, what purpose is pursued by the creators of Stonehenge (England), who actually portrayed the statues on Easter island? Hypermasculine monuments, mysteriously erected a wall or carved in a monolithic rock mystical signs excite the imagination. Digital report in such cases is just shocking. Imagine: the same known to most figures (though, without hands, without feet) on Easter island weigh on average 10-20 tons! And the biggest of them 100 tons, height more than 20 meters!

But this is the most popular historical “blocks-rubiki”, it is unclear how and by whom composed. To get the ancient energy and to feel the power of the ancestors, you can go in, say, Peru. Here in Cusco has preserved amazing fortress Saccoman (by guesswork, and even the temple of the Sun). Translated as “bird of Prey gray,” and if you look at the citadel from above, its silhouette really resembles an eagle or a vulture. The fantastic origin of Saccoman and the continued existence of the Express again in numbers: on the hill one and a half miles built several shafts (each long 300 m!), built of boulders, the largest of which weigh 200 tons! (the width and the thickness of about 5 m and a height of up to 9M!). In addition, impressed by the unusually dense “dock” blocks. Solution between them and there was not (according to studies), but nevertheless the stone giants so perfectly adapted to each other that between them hardly get through the eye of a needle!

Without leaving Peru, potestas another mystery: read “messages” in the desert of Nazca. Many have heard of these geoglyphs, but the details make thrill: signs stretch for miles, are summarized in figures (from simple circles to animal images!), and among other things, ignoring the uneven terrain, do not deviate to any degree! The lines are tiny “trenches” dug by an unknown hand 30 cm, width of some 200 m and the largest length — 10 km! Near lake Titicaca (Tiwanaku, Bolivia) gaze of the tourist opened the megalithic complex of Puma Punku (Door of the Puma), causing the Association with concrete structures of modern plants. But in Puma Punku are all made of stone. Normal, hefty Kamenyuki, the only correct form here, with holes, rods of Nickel and arsenic, with cuts and projections, processed to perfection. How? What? Who? There are no answers, only hypotheses. Perhaps the giants-aliens were just playing around here, playing stone designer..

No less fascinating spectacle awaits travelers in Laos. In one of the provinces in the Annam mountain range in bulk types of the stupa of the Russian Baba Yaga. Stone jars or pots — call it what you will, – – – – thousands, measured in tons, are up to several meters! Survey researchers meet obstacles in the form of minutes, reset the 70th by Americans. By the way, the jugs then had saved many lives, becoming a real bomb shelter. Originally, their purpose is still a matter of debate. Meet here and covers, and tools. According to the aboriginal legends, it’s all made gigantic people, disappeared in the depths of the centuries. A more plausible hypothesis is based on the remains of some ashes at the bottom of the “barrels”, pitchers were a sort of crematorium; Yes purely geological location, superhorse “blinded” water storage for merchants. “Think for yourself, decide for yourself. “and continue the campaign for virtual unknown.

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