And what is Gothic culture?

Goredel, and unless there are today representatives of the Gothic culture with whom you can talk

And why the Gothic is darkness? Then how is it an integral part of Windows? Why are they trying to revive Gothic stone roses?

If we talk about colours, “the dark dark ages” – it’s not quite the case, not only the “revivalists”, but many modern scholars of the middle ages in a hurry to use the epithet “dark ages”, and it is these the century is the cradle of Christian culture, the one that to this day nourishes our civilization.

By the way, the people of that time loved the bright joyful colors, is enough

to see miniatures of the XII – XIV centuries, or to remember the meaning of the colors of the time. And the arms, banners? Bright boards and supervision was much more than the black one.

Yet returning to the Gothic. Yes, melancholy, endless question

look to the sky, the desire of Union with God and the inability to achieve perfect harmony – all in the Gothic style. And exalted faith, mysticism, ghostly refracted arches and stained-glass space, as if the architects wanted to get away from the usual three-dimensional and to find a kind of secret dimension.

As far as I remember the end of the world proclaimed in Europe at the turn of the year 1000, so that the Gothic embodies not the fear of end of the world but something else. maybe the unattainability of the Sky, and can be confident that a pure soul will ascend. Anyway this Gothic sadness is not without hope

And chimeras and gargoyles not so much a threat as the echoes of pagan animal style. Bestiary an integral part of Gothic churches, but it seems to me that it represents the diversity of the universe in the medieval understanding of man and the fact that the architect of that time placed these fantastic creatures on the walls and portals of its temples and thus gave them the right to exist in the world of God, speaks of an extraordinary tolerance towards the unknown. What in our world, alas no.

In my opinion, in the Gothic style embodied the isolation of pure ideal of faith from the reality of everyday life that surrounded medieval man. Such an ideal was too high (in the faith if such a criterion is possible at all) for everyday life.This, of course IMHO, just my personal opinion, what is actually asked Banshee, which for some reason is silent. Or wants to hear more opinions.

Yes, we talked mostly about architecture, but there were other “Gothic” appearance. For example clothes, increasingly extending the silhouette upwards, and with it a changing view of the female and even male beauty.

Went in past the brave knight in heavy chain mail, a harsh warrior like Roland. He was effeminate courtly Lancelot and Tristan with long curls and sweet words.

And later the idea of courtly love, sung in many verses of the Provencal troubadours, turned into a set of laws and rituals have nothing in common with sincere feeling,neither to the woman nor to the virgin Mary, but that’s another topic.

Can’t agree that hunting witches and not “flaming” Gothic architecture has a General idea. However, energetically sharp corners carry the aggression is even proven with all sorts of modern research. The angle cuts the space, but directed to Heaven, not does he desire to open the way? In the terrible years of the “black death” the man wanted to be saved, to escape from the comprehensive terror of inexorable Fate.

And Gothic, maybe that someone will be interested:

There is a version (maybe it is from fantasy area) that the change of styles from

Romanesque to Gothic did not happen by accident, like when the Order of the Knights of the Temple (the knights Templar) the masons, of which there was a great variety in the komandorstv of the order, scattered throughout medieval Europe and “on the other side of the mountains” in

Syria has kept some secrets, known from ancient texts, found and deciphered by the knights Templar when they after the first crusade, settled in the Temple of Solomon. And that the formula itself of the new pointed arch of overlap was found in these texts. And that in the stone carving of Gothic churches, along with Christian symbolism is interwoven with some other like-encrypted secret messages. After all, in the TempleSolomon kept the Ark of the Covenant.

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