Design in the Gothic style interior

Interior design in the Gothic style

Gothic style is not primarily the use of certain materials or colors in the interior design of the apartment or house, and a harmonious mix of modern and vintage items in the Gothic style. To create a Gothic interior are beautiful pictures in old frames, carpets, tapestries, mirrors with gilded frames and curtains.

The essence of Gothic style interior

The first Association of modern man to the concept of “Gothic interior” evokes the idea of a medieval castle with dark walls and narrow Windows that barely let in light. In fact, the Gothic interior can be described as spacious, bright, airy and majestic.

Gothic style interior style is a complex and convoluted psychological state of the person. Gothic is the embodiment of period of the Middle ages, as understood by modern man. The word “Gothic” comes from Italian, meaning “barbarian” Goths in Ancient Rome called all the tribes in the North. The style originated in the 7th century in France. The symbol of the Gothic style – the cross and the Cathedral. According to Spengler, the Gothic interior dissolves in the space of materiality.

As a rule, the Gothic style is basically architecture, but today the interior design in Moscow often create in the Gothic style, which has many significant differences from other styles. In General terms, it is large Windows lighting effects, the vertical elements and multi-window.

In the architecture characteristics of Gothic style Lancet Windows, lace ornaments, portals, arches, tall spires, flying buttresses, and also the most famous and the main element is the stained – glass Windows, through which penetrates rooms warm and amazingly beautiful light.

The history of the Gothic style interior

In 1136, Abbot Suger supervised the construction of the bays of the nave in the Church of Saint-Denis that was the first example of Gothic architecture. Other representatives of this style include Notre Dame Cathedral and the Roman Cathedral. The main purpose of Gothic style was to show the perfection and celestial harmony, to overcome the roughness of the stone, which turned out heavy and particulate material into a fine and delicate thread lace. Secret of the Gothic interior is that of visual design and reality do not match. Heavy arches seem airy and light, bulky and tall columns reminiscent of cane stalks. In the Gothic interior difficult to navigate and understand the scope, logic designs. Of course, if you want to book the apartment is in the Gothic style, to realize fully the interior of the Gothic cathedrals would be virtually impossible. But with the help of certain parts and design techniques it is likely to create a feeling of airiness, of wide spaces and large scales.

Modern Gothic interior style

Gothic style interior in apartment design in Moscow – the decision is bold, imaginative and original. In its pure form to reproduce the Gothic style in interior design in Moscow is quite difficult, but many elements of this style can be used in interior design of apartments and country houses. As a rule, most often used by stained glass Lancet Windows, wrought-iron staircase that blends perfectly with the artificial stone. You can use the smooth rock to decorate the fireplace area or ground parts of walls. Finishing of window apertures and door portals stone will give the effect of the castle premises. Popular use of “bogus”, when part of the wall lays bare stonework beneath the antiquity.

The most striking stylistic device in the Gothic interior – stained glass Windows in Gothic colours on the Windows or walls with backlight. The Gothic interior is in the first place involves light, which is associated in the Middle ages with the Divine, eternally flowing light, a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. Stained glass is indispensable.

The window dressing actually plays the first role in the Gothic style of the interior. So, considerable importance is attached to the curtains. In the early period of the Middle ages Windows were not canaveruelas curtains and framed in lead. Later became popular across broad curtains or heavy curtains. Then there were heavy velvet curtains, which were coated ornament or pointed patterns. When applying Gothic interior, you need to use wrought-iron or wooden cornices.

Colours Gothic interior design involves the use of dark green, crimson, black, purple, and also clove pink shade.

Gothic interior style was the first pan-European style. However, his expressiveness, brightness, and the paradox of the imagination, it is possible to compare this criterion with the Baroque.

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