Famous unfinished buildings

Sometimes construction projects can be time-consuming to complete. Naturally, we are talking about a huge complex jobs that require a lot of skills invested assets. Run them sometimes delayed, just as the process of construction, which may take centuries. In this list is followed by ten world-famous structures, the construction of which was started a long time ago, but they still remain unfinished due to some reasons.

Atomic power plant marble hill

Most of the elements in this list, despite the fact that they are not completed, are still in use for different purposes. But some of them are nothing more than useless colossal failures. Marble hill falls into this latter category. This nuclear plant in Indiana was started in 1977, and for about 7 years had fully completed.

Then in 1984, after investing $2.5 billion it turned out that she only finished half. The company that started the project, realized that just can’t afford to continue to build on. They ended up being sold a piece of equipment to return a few million of lost expenditure. The plant is located in a semi-finished state since then, and the company, which owns them, plans to fully dismantle all structures.

Westminster Cathedral

You’ve probably heard of Westminster Abbey. This is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in the world, which is all recognized architectural masterpiece. Surprisingly, this is not the cradle of Catholicism in the country is such an honor belongs to Westminster Cathedral, which is one street below the Abbey. Westminster Cathedral, in fact, never was completed before the end. The work is still in progress, but so far the whole interior is not decorated. The construction began in 1895, but the parent Church of England never finished.

German stadium

The German stadium was laid in 1937 in Nuremberg, Germany. The stadium was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler, who wanted to create a giant Roman style arena for various purposes, including various Nazi rallies and replacing the Olympics with something like the Aryan games. Fortunately, the Second world war stopped the construction before it was launched any serious work. Thus, the only remnants of the German stadium are half destroyed pillars, walls from a test site and a big lake in Nuremberg that filled the construction pit construction.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Unlike St. John’s Cathedral, the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona has received worldwide recognition — despite the fact that is still under construction since 1882. Moreover, it is defined as a world heritage site of UNESCO, also visited the Pope and proclaimed a Basilica. Sagrada Familia is the brainchild of the famous architect Antoni gaudí, who spent most of his life, transforming the Cathedral into the grotesque, nature-inspired, a work of art.

He tragically died in 1926 after being knocked down by a tram. His masterpiece at that time was completed less than a quarter. But his case has been continued ever since, inspired by gaudí’s vision, and funded by millions of tourists who flock to the Cathedral each year. Today, the Sagrada Familia is made by more than half, with an optimistic completion date of 2026 — the centenary of Gaudi’s death. The current chief architect is confident that the construction will be completed, possibly in less than a century.

The Woodchester Mansion

If you have already heard about the mansion Woodchester, you probably are a fan of the TV series haunted. Once there was a psychiatric hospital, then housed soldiers during the Second world war. But the real reason why the mansion Woodchester known, so it is a hellish shell of the house is completed externally the mansion is absolutely not finished inside. Woodchester open to visitors, so you can always see the inner part of the house, which has only the outer side.

The Superpower building in Florida

This building definitely fits into the field of colossal failures and unfinished projects. A great Building is to Scientology as the Vatican is to Catholicism. The work began in 1999 in Clearwater, Florida, and was estimated, had to take two years and $40 million. In 2003, work was abandoned for six years to redesign the entire interior and collect more donations from supporters.

All this was done, even with daily fines of$ 250, which was imposed for simple. Work began again in 2009, but the building is still not open. Many followers left the Church, donating millions to the project, and in January 2013 Luis and Rocio Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Church for the wasted money.

The international space station

The international space station (ISS) is not as building, but rather a “modular structure”. It is in this list, since it is in a state of perpetual construction. Unlike most buildings here, the Station is managed by countries from all continents. The first “component” called Zarya was launched into orbit in 1998, and the most recent was added in 2011. As expected, the complex should be completed by 2005, but because of changes in technology and science, this date was postponed indefinitely.

The Parliament building of New Zealand

Like Portuguese kings and Queens who had to live in Ajuda Palace, parliamentarians of New Zealand worked on the unfinished building for over a century. Plans for a new headquarters were drawn up in 1911 and included two phases of construction: one for the important areas and one for less important, such as the library and law firm “Crown”.

All this was supposed, would take only two years, but they have not even started construction until 1914, tightening until 1922. In any case, the second stage of the official Parliament buildings never started. The building was officially opened in 1995, although still not complete from a technical point of view.

The Royal Palace of Ajuda

The national Palace of Ajuda in Lisbon is not only a famous landmark but also the official residence of the Portuguese Royal family. Precisenum all the above points, it would seem that it should be put on the list of priorities of the Portuguese builders and developers. However, the design, the construction of which began in 1796, was never completed.

Lack of Finance and a series of wars led to the fact that the project has been repeatedly adjusted and changed. But construction continued despite these setbacks, all the way up until the Portuguese revolution in 1910, which abolished the monarchy. Currently half-finished Palace functions as a Museum.

The Cathedral of St. John the divine in new York

The Cathedral of St. John the divine in new York is one of the largest Christian churches in the world. It is located in Manhattan, in the heart of the city. This building is definitely worth considered as a landmark of new York, but officials responsible for it, waiting until the building is completed. Well, began construction in 1892.

The design was fraught with many problems, from startup, from financial shortages and technical problems to wars and fires, not to mention the fact that the developers several times changed the overall architectural style. Official representatives of the Church still trying to decide how to finish the Cathedral, and in the meantime, he was nicknamed “St. John the Unfinished”.

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