In Chelyabinsk, discovered megalithic structure

In the Chelyabinsk region discovered ancient megalithic structure

On a mysterious discovery the researchers stumbled close to one of the most popular tourist spots of the southern Urals.

Design of multi-ton stones found near Aleksandrovskaya Sopka, here every summer thousands of tourists. No one noticed the oddity. Paleoarchaeology Vladimir Yurin stumbled upon Seid in 2009. But still the information about it does not extend beyond the narrow circle of researchers.

— Almost no one knows, but in the vicinity of the city found an interesting sight, — the correspondent Sergey Averchenko. Is an ancient megalithic structure Seid. It is a large boulder set on small stones stand. Many times I was on the hill, and was not paying attention! Recently decided to show it to the guys from the group “Youth for Sober Chrysostom”. Despite the sleet, went and made the first pictures of the finds.

A flat stone the size of a small car standing on three short supports. Imagine what this could do nature is very difficult. But at the same time can not believe that someone could move this boulder without a crane. It is believed that such structures are used for ritual purposes. However, scientists know little about the creators of such megaliths.

Excavations around structures as a rule do not give. According to one version, seids is a natural design. When the glacier melted, he gently lowered the boulder onto the pole. But against this version, there are some facts. For example, in Karelia, there are whole complexes with dozens of stone structures, like that found under Chrysostom.

It is unlikely that this rare natural phenomenon was repeated so many times in the same place. Plus scientists can not explain how such massive stones could be in the middle of the ice, then during the melting down on the stand.

This summer, researchers intend to equip an expedition for discovery, to learn in detail. By the way, this is not the only mysterious stone structure in those places. A few kilometres from the Alexander hill. In the lake Turgoyak in the island of Faith is a temple complex made of stones. Scientists claim that these buildings more than four thousand years. In addition to the stone structures were found here, only two figures of a wolf and a bull. Nothing more.

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