The Gothic structure


The proverb “a chicken is not a bird, Poland is not abroad” in no way refers to Krakow. It is a beautiful city on the Vistula river. Just think, in Cracow is around five thousand buildings of the middle ages, and several hundred thousand works of art. Incredible magical power of the city attracts tourists from all corners of the earth. From the 14th to the 17th century Krakow was the capital of Poland. Of particular interest is the Old town. It is located in the parks ring (Planty). in 1978 Krakow included in the list of the cities protected by UNESCO. Continue reading

Buildings of antiquity


Arhantropy — ancient people

So, at least in one of the branches of the rich types of the trunk of the Australopithecines, arose and progressively developed the ability to manufacture tools. It was closely linked with the further development of bipedalism and advanced brain development. Probably in this same period there was and extensive utilization of fire. All of these features, taken together, gave such great benefits, what about 2-1. 5 million years ago began a rapid resettlement of those progressive forms in Africa, the Mediterranean, South, Central and Southeast Asia. Settling and getting into new conditions of existence, they formed separate isolated forms. To date (the end of the 60-ies of XX century) there are about a dozen of these fossil forms (presented in the form of residues from many tens, if not hundreds, of individuals), occupying many of the essential features intermediate between modern man, on the one hand, and Australopithecines on the other. All these forms that existed partly simultaneously, partly, apparently, by successive, lived from about 1 million to 200 thousand years BC With the Zoological point of view, these forms probably belong to the same big mind, or superspecies (species complex) — Homo erectus 1.

Lifestyle arhantrop. Despite the considerable heterogeneity of findings Continue reading

The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius

The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius

The pyramids — mysterious constructions. They excite the minds not only of ordinary people and the seekers of the mysterious, but scientists. And if the well-known Egyptian structures, the pyramids of Mauritius few people know and few people saw them.

What is pyramid and what is interesting?

Mauritius is an island in the Indian ocean it is located East of Madagascar, about a thousand km away. the Riddle of the pyramids lies in the fact that firstly, they were found in a desert at that time, the island, and secondly, they are an exact copy of the same buildings called güímar, which are on the opposite side of Africa – Tenerife. If you try to compare both, we find the differences not so easy. It is unlikely that such a startling resemblance to be accidental.

Now imagine – built with the engineering estimate of the pyramids on a small, tucked away island of volcanic origin, and almost exactly mimic those that are on the other side of Africa. Already intrigued, huh?

Who built them? Who would there to dwell until the discovery of the island in 1502?

All these questions remain open, despite the fact that were already conducted research. Since 2008, when the pyramids become more known to the General public, the Mauritius was visited by several expeditions. The most fruitful was the work of archaeologists under the direction Continue reading

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