Gothic mysteries of Koenigsberg

Gothic mysteries of Koenigsberg

The accident caused the Kaliningrad archaeologists to sensation. During the exploration of the ruins of the Royal castle, they discovered an underground tunnel, built in the early XIV century. Such a large-scale medieval buildings on the territory of Russia to discover yet succeeded. Where does the secret tunnel? And many mysteries of its Gothic arches?

Gothic medieval underground passage discovered in the heart of Kaliningrad. It came across archaeologists who studied ruins of ancient Royal castle. Scientists call the find unique. Such medieval buildings previously never been found in Russia.

Medieval underground passage leading to the river was Amazing and, according to archaeologists, goes deep into the earth. The way out is most likely in one of the halls of the Cathedral on Kant island. A secret tunnel, according to experts, was built in the early XIV century by order of the Prussian king.

“This could be the move that led from the Royal castle towards the Cathedral. He could have arranged for safe messages to the main temple to the ruling dynasty could move out of the castle,” suggests archaeologist Anatoly Valuev.

It is noticeable that at a later time, the tunnel has been repeatedly restored. It was equipped with fasteners for electrical wires and water pipe for pumping water. Probably strengthened it for a reason.

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Ancient Egypt

Cultural Studies, The Pyramids . Report Abstract, synopsis In the dunes near the step pyramid of Djoser discovered two unfinished two-step pyramid .

Ahet – Khufu( Horizon of Khufu ), as it is called, was built for the son of Snefru Pharaoh Khufu ( Cheops ) the architect and the chief building Hamina.

The Pyramids Of Egypt

Cultural Studies, The Pyramids Of Egypt . Abstract. same layout of the burial chambers ; it is possible that it was immediately conceived as a structure . directly related to the main pyramid ie as well.

a kind of link between topped by a pyramid with the mastaba and the pyramid form itself . what has the so-called North tomb of this Pharaoh .

Pyramids of ancient Egypt . as a monument to the vanity and cruelty of Oriental despotism

Art and culture, the Pyramids of ancient Egypt . as a monument to the vanity and cruelty of Oriental despotism, Abstract. pyramid PYRAMID of ANCIENT EGYPT – a monument to the VANITY AND CRUELTY of the ORIENTAL DESPOT 1. In the shadow of the pyramids 2. The history of the pyramids 3. Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.

A MONUMENT TO THE VANITY AND CRUELTY OF THE ORIENTAL DESPOT 1. In the shadow of the pyramids One hot summer day in 1867, mark TWAIN, then a young newspaper.

Ancient Egypt . In the shadow of the pyramids .

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