The Art Of Egypt

The art of Ancient Egypt — architecture, fine

Sculpture and wall painting connected with architecture, were integrated. A synthetic solution was dictated by the canons. The Pharaoh’s tomb was considered a place of the divine spirit — the patron Saint of the country. It gave the cult of the dead kings national importance, led to an enormous construction. Fine art in Ancient Egypt was nourished religious beliefs and was conditional.

The Art Of Egypt

Ancient styles, genres of modernity —

visual tutorial course.

Lectures on the history of art. — K. 2006-2009. — Part 1 (in Ukrainian).

Textbook of fine arts, the abstract architecture, the application consists of 5 parts. In the first lecture the book covers the tread of Egyptian art from pre-dynastic existence before the conquest of Ancient Rome.

Pre-dynastic period;

The ancient Kingdom;



Late in the period.

The art of architecture of Ancient Egypt

The building was known for its grandeur;

buildings today belong to the largest on Earth.

The state was powerful, with unlimited power of Pharaoh and huge Continue reading

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