Grand megalithic structure at Stonehenge is extant from time immemorial the mysterious monument of the past religion and science.

Stonehenge: a cosmic temple.

Grand megalithic structure at Stonehenge is extant from time immemorial the mysterious monument of the past religion and science. For our contemporaries it is a puzzle, a miracle of architecture and the embodiment of creativity in a person. So what is it? A sacred burial ground or a prehistoric Observatory? To distinguish the original shape of Stonehenge possible today, although many stones there in its place.

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Gothic mysteries of Koenigsberg

Gothic mysteries of Koenigsberg

The accident caused the Kaliningrad archaeologists to sensation. During the exploration of the ruins of the Royal castle, they discovered an underground tunnel, built in the early XIV century. Such a large-scale medieval buildings on the territory of Russia to discover yet succeeded. Where does the secret tunnel? And many mysteries of its Gothic arches?

Gothic medieval underground passage discovered in the heart of Kaliningrad. It came across archaeologists who studied ruins of ancient Royal castle. Scientists call the find unique. Such medieval buildings previously never been found in Russia.

Medieval underground passage leading to the river was Amazing and, according to archaeologists, goes deep into the earth. The way out is most likely in one of the halls of the Cathedral on Kant island. A secret tunnel, according to experts, was built in the early XIV century by order of the Prussian king.

“This could be the move that led from the Royal castle towards the Cathedral. He could have arranged for safe messages to the main temple to the ruling dynasty could move out of the castle,” suggests archaeologist Anatoly Valuev.

It is noticeable that at a later time, the tunnel has been repeatedly restored. It was equipped with fasteners for electrical wires and water pipe for pumping water. Probably strengthened it for a reason.

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Unreal 10 most mysterious pictures in the world

Unreal 10 most mysterious pictures in the world

In the nearly 200-year history of photos graphy, there were several unique images that still no one can explain. (Next 10 mysterious stories)

The Martian sphere (13 September 2012)

In 2004, the Rover Opportunity found on the Martian subsurface interesting microscopic formations of a spherical shape. However, even more interesting picture Opportunity did at the end of 2012, which clearly shows a much larger number of far more areas.

These areas, consisting of hematite may indicate that in the past on the red planet was water.

Sea monster captured off the coast of hook island (March 1965)

This well-known picture, many believe the result of working with photos the shop. But few know that the French photos count Robert Le Serek took this unknown giant marine animal in 1965, and this photos graphy became the occasion of heated discussion among zoologists.

The black knight (11 December 1998)

For the first time a picture of an unknown object, dubbed “Black knight”, was made in 1960-m to year one of the first satellites. Polar orbit is clearly seen an unidentified object that could not be neither a satellite of the USSR or satellite States. Since this object is seen multiple times – it appears and disappears at certain time intervals. In the pictures below photos graphy of this object, taken with the NASA mission STS-88.

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