Architecture of ancient civilizations of America

The Architecture Of Mexico

On the territory of the Mexican plateau (average altitude of 2300 m above sea level) on change each other come different cultures until it became the centre of the Aztec Kingdom . The ruins found in Mexico, represent for the most part remains or temples or fortifications. Their construction is massive, yet noble taste and bears the stamp of art that have already achieved well-known development.

The great temple of Mexico, stood in the middle of the city, was so great that, according to the testimony of Cortez, it was possible to put 500 horses. He represented the pyramid in five stories, 38 meters high, and had on the basis of 95 m and was decorated with two towers. Continue reading



In recent years, historians of information was published about the Ural dolmens, located to the North of the city Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region. The initiator of these searches was AA Cheerful. Subsequently this work was expanded V. G. Nepomnyaschiy. They suggested that these are ancient monuments close to Caucasian and European constructions of this type.

Then, seven facilities were inspected by the archaeologists of Ekaterinburg, and three partially excavated. Excavations have revealed traces of fire before the stone structures and within and calcified bone. However, there were found fragments of Russian ceramics that have allowed us to refer to structures XVII – XIX centuries and assume that it was the furnace lumberjacks or storage products. Was not excluded and ritual (funeral) the assignment of data objects . Continue reading

The meaning of the word Gothic

The meaning of the word Gothic

Examples of the use of the word Gothic in literature.

Novikov only if earlier it seemed that the atmosphere of the corridors through which he passed, reminiscent of the entourage of the Gothic novel, now ominous changes were visible to the naked eye.

Laboratory Bessonova was part of the Department academician Ivan Artobolevsky, and all this was located on the top fifth floor of a Gothic building, and the height of the fifth floor was modern equal ninth, no less.

It tells about a man who — with the characteristic ambition of the hero-villain of the Gothic or Byronic type — defies nature, wanting to recreate the whole of his past life through the abnormal stimulation of memory.

The day when I’m sick, went to the castle to see a picture of Elster or Gothic carpet that was so similar to the day of my departure to Venice, on the day I went to see the Berm or left at Balbec, I knew that what I sacrifice today, after a while I cooled off, I will go past the castle and won’t come to see carpets, but once didn’t stop me, no matter the sleepless nights or painful attacks.

We — time, whose current Carries away the invisible lions and mountain ranges, Mourned the tenderness, the ashes of happiness, Stubborn perpetual hope, the Lengthy names of the fallen kingdoms, and latinana Hexameters of the Greek, the Dark sea and the triumph of dawn Continue reading

Barcelona Cathedral
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Design in the Gothic style interior
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The Gothic monument
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