Mysterious places of the Earth

Mysterious places of the Earth.

A lot of mysterious and unexplored places on our planet. Many unresolved mysteries and wonders, inviting to itself. Among them, one of the major wonders of the world, the enigmatic Sphinx and the Egyptian pyramids. Who built this wonder? They say that it was built in ancient times by the gods themselves. And under the Sphinx is the tomb of a king named Harmachis and the great Treasury of secret knowledge. Such treasures generously scattered everywhere.

Even in such deserted places such as the Kola Peninsula.

District seydozero – the Holy lake of the Saami. Here in the lost corner of the Earth, at the edge of a mysterious seita, was found a hearth of ancient civilization. Among the prickly winds and high snows, thick, dark-green firs and pines slender height right up to the sky and majestic cliffs lie the ruins of once beautiful buildings. Underfoot – mosses, huge stone slabs, paved road, mazes, fairytale rocks-giants, an ancient well and the mysterious writings on the rocks. Somewhere in these parts among the swamps and mountain gorges, according to Saami, there is a mysterious hole leading underground. But it is necessary to approach him, as a person suddenly covers afraid of him, if he had invaded someone’s forbidden possession. This place is enchanted. Invisible Continue reading

Gothic cathedrals of France

Gothic cathedrals of France


B) the Cathedral in Angers.

C) Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

G) Cathedral in Amanjena.

D) the Cathedral at Reims.

E) Cathedral in Laon.


The list of references.


The name “Gothic art” (from Italian. gotico — “Gothic”, the name of a Germanic tribe is ready) emerged in the Renaissance. “Gothic” in those days meant “barbarian” in contrast to “Roman”: the Gothic was called art that did not follow the ancient traditions, and therefore, had no interest for his contemporaries. This view had changed only in the XIX century when the middle Ages was no longer considered the “dark ages” in the history of mankind. However, the name “Gothic” was preserved for the European art of the late middle Ages. In various European countries, the Gothic style had its own characteristics and time frame, but it flourished in the XIII—XIV centuries In the history of art, it is customary to distinguish early, Mature (high) and late (“flamboyant”) Gothic

Gothic developed in countries dominated by the Catholic Church, and under the auspices of its feudal-ecclesiastical Continue reading

The meaning of the word Gothic

The meaning of the word Gothic

Examples of the use of the word Gothic in literature.

Novikov only if earlier it seemed that the atmosphere of the corridors through which he passed, reminiscent of the entourage of the Gothic novel, now ominous changes were visible to the naked eye.

Laboratory Bessonova was part of the Department academician Ivan Artobolevsky, and all this was located on the top fifth floor of a Gothic building, and the height of the fifth floor was modern equal ninth, no less.

It tells about a man who — with the characteristic ambition of the hero-villain of the Gothic or Byronic type — defies nature, wanting to recreate the whole of his past life through the abnormal stimulation of memory.

The day when I’m sick, went to the castle to see a picture of Elster or Gothic carpet that was so similar to the day of my departure to Venice, on the day I went to see the Berm or left at Balbec, I knew that what I sacrifice today, after a while I cooled off, I will go past the castle and won’t come to see carpets, but once didn’t stop me, no matter the sleepless nights or painful attacks.

We — time, whose current Carries away the invisible lions and mountain ranges, Mourned the tenderness, the ashes of happiness, Stubborn perpetual hope, the Lengthy names of the fallen kingdoms, and latinana Hexameters of the Greek, the Dark sea and the triumph of dawn Continue reading

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