Famous unfinished buildings

Sometimes construction projects can be time-consuming to complete. Naturally, we are talking about a huge complex jobs that require a lot of skills invested assets. Run them sometimes delayed, just as the process of construction, which may take centuries. In this list is followed by ten world-famous structures, the construction of which was started a long time ago, but they still remain unfinished due to some reasons.

Atomic power plant marble hill

Most of the elements in this list, despite the fact that they are not completed, are still in use for different purposes. But some of them are nothing more than useless colossal failures. Marble hill falls into this latter category. This nuclear plant in Indiana was started in 1977, and for about 7 years had fully completed.

Then in 1984, after investing $2.5 billion it turned out that she only finished half. The company that started the project, realized that just can’t afford to continue to build on. They ended up being sold a piece of equipment to return a few million of lost expenditure. The plant is located in a semi-finished state since then, and the company, which owns Continue reading

Architecture of ancient civilizations of America

The Architecture Of Mexico

On the territory of the Mexican plateau (average altitude of 2300 m above sea level) on change each other come different cultures until it became the centre of the Aztec Kingdom . The ruins found in Mexico, represent for the most part remains or temples or fortifications. Their construction is massive, yet noble taste and bears the stamp of art that have already achieved well-known development.

The great temple of Mexico, stood in the middle of the city, was so great that, according to the testimony of Cortez, it was possible to put 500 horses. He represented the pyramid in five stories, 38 meters high, and had on the basis of 95 m and was decorated with two towers. Continue reading

Mystical story of the Cologne Cathedral

Mystical story of the Cologne Cathedral

One of the greatest and most beautiful Christian churches is the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, oddly enough, closely associated with the name. The devil. The legends that surround this magnificent building for many hundreds of years, persistently attributed to the evil one. And the fact that the Cologne Cathedral was started almost 800 years ago, and it still is not completed, also confirms the rumor that the case is fishy.

“Yes the world will end with the last stone on the Cathedral”

The start was good, and absolutely in the spirit of the Gothic time. In 1248 the Archbishop of Cologne Konrad von Hochstaden laid the first Foundation stone of the Cologne Cathedral.

The inhabitants of Cologne, at that time considered one of the richest and most powerful German cities, dreamed of his own Cathedral, which has eclipsed other European churches with their beauty and size. But to assume then that the construction will last for hundreds of years, almost indefinitely.

Cologne Cathedral, as shown by the excavations, was built not on an empty place. In the 50 years B. C. here stood. Roman pagan temple, which then in IV century BC was replaced by the Episcopal Church. Enlarged it to the IX century, after three hundred years, the first stone has already formed the basis of a Gothic Cathedral on the French model. As this Continue reading

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