Famous unfinished buildings

Sometimes construction projects can be time-consuming to complete. Naturally, we are talking about a huge complex jobs that require a lot of skills invested assets. Run them sometimes delayed, just as the process of construction, which may take centuries. In this list is followed by ten world-famous structures, the construction of which was started a long time ago, but they still remain unfinished due to some reasons.

Atomic power plant marble hill

Most of the elements in this list, despite the fact that they are not completed, are still in use for different purposes. But some of them are nothing more than useless colossal failures. Marble hill falls into this latter category. This nuclear plant in Indiana was started in 1977, and for about 7 years had fully completed.

Then in 1984, after investing $2.5 billion it turned out that she only finished half. The company that started the project, realized that just can’t afford to continue to build on. They ended up being sold a piece of equipment to return a few million of lost expenditure. The plant is located in a semi-finished state since then, and the company, which owns Continue reading

The main elements of the Gothic style in architecture

Features of the Gothic style in architecture

The Romanesque architecture of feudalism was the development of the higher life demands of society. It is the awareness of Europeans of knightly virtues, and the need for more luxurious surroundings that has become the basis of the Gothic style in art, was finally adopted in the XIII century.

This mysterious and somewhat gloomy style was a logical conclusion to art of the middle ages, widely spread in Western Europe, and only partially referring to its Eastern outskirts. Temples and cathedrals were a major architectural embodiment of Gothic. These buildings belongs the Milan Cathedral, whose construction was started in 1386.

The unprecedented height of the Gothic churches was achieved using timber frame construction system. And extensive interiors were decorated with huge Windows, stunning multicolored skillfully made stained-glass Windows.

The main elements of Gothic architecture are:

arches – ribs;

the flying buttresses – open semi arch;

the pillars that serve as pillars for Lancet arches.

Other design features include the vertical projections of the buttresses, cross vaults, carved pediments – winery, pointed openwork towers – pinnacles, Lancet Windows and portals. The facades were decorated with complex Continue reading

The original beacons of the world

The original beacons of the world

The oldest lighthouse known history of Alexandria, or Faroese, tower. It was built in the year 283 BC on the island of Pharos, at the mouth of the river Nile, in Egypt, at the entrance to Alexandria harbour. The tower had a height of over 160 meters. At night on top of a bonfire that was visible for miles. The lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the world, but in the year 317 was destroyed… ever Since then, architects from around the world have built many lighthouses, but most of it is hardly worthy of the title “wonder of the world”. Except for these

In the village Malorechenskoye in 2007 opened the temple-a beacon to the glory of St. Nicholas. The temple is the highest in the Crimea, its height is 65 meters…In the design of the temple used ship anchors and anchor chains, under the main cross, inside the gilded ball that symbolizes planet Earth, set lighthouse lantern. “The lighthouse is not yet included in the ship’s sailing, but we hope that this issue will be resolved,” says architect Anatoly Gaydamaka, who led the construction of the Church

Irbe lighthouse on radioisotope thermoelectric generator is one of the biggest lighthouses built in 1985 in the district banks St. Michael and the Irbe Strait of the Baltic sea. The height of the tower of the lighthouse from sea level and 38.5 metres from the surface of the bottom of the sea is about 50 m. power the instrument g the bottom of the underwater part of the tower are three isotope Continue reading

In Chelyabinsk, discovered megalithic structure
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Design in the Gothic style interior
Interior design in the Gothic style Gothic style is not primarily the use of certain materials or colors in the interior design of the apartment or house, and a harmonious…

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Ancient Egypt
Cultural Studies, The Pyramids . Report Abstract, synopsis In the dunes near the step pyramid of Djoser discovered two unfinished two-step pyramid . Ahet - Khufu( Horizon of Khufu ),…

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