Gothic style in architecture

Gothic style in architecture

Replaced the Romanesque style in Western Europe came the Gothic style in architecture and dominated in these areas from the 13th to the 15th century. The ancient Romans were called Goths, the barbarian tribes, which invaded the state from the North. In the end I got the derisive term “barbarian architecture” Gothic, though in fact Gothic as the architectural style is striking and admired the modern and discerning audience.

For a long time people called Gothic all the elements of the art of the middle ages. Only in the late fourteenth century it was fully recognized the original art style. Roman the period covering the early middle ages, gradually gave way to Gothic, combining gilding, bright color, shining stained-glass Windows, Symphony of light transfusion, and the expression of its characteristic spires on the tops of buildings.

The inspiration of the masters of the Gothic style in architecture were the Christian worldview, Roman architecture, traditions of ancient culture, portrait miniatures, writing Latin and Romano-Celtic art crafts. A positive impact on the rapid development of style has had a rapid increase of European trade and the increase in the number of cities.

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The main elements of the Gothic style in architecture

Features of the Gothic style in architecture

The Romanesque architecture of feudalism was the development of the higher life demands of society. It is the awareness of Europeans of knightly virtues, and the need for more luxurious surroundings that has become the basis of the Gothic style in art, was finally adopted in the XIII century.

This mysterious and somewhat gloomy style was a logical conclusion to art of the middle ages, widely spread in Western Europe, and only partially referring to its Eastern outskirts. Temples and cathedrals were a major architectural embodiment of Gothic. These buildings belongs the Milan Cathedral, whose construction was started in 1386.

The unprecedented height of the Gothic churches was achieved using timber frame construction system. And extensive interiors were decorated with huge Windows, stunning multicolored skillfully made stained-glass Windows.

The main elements of Gothic architecture are:

arches – ribs;

the flying buttresses – open semi arch;

the pillars that serve as pillars for Lancet arches.

Other design features include the vertical projections of the buttresses, cross vaults, carved pediments – winery, pointed openwork towers – pinnacles, Lancet Windows and portals. The facades were decorated with complex Continue reading

The Royal portal of the Cathedral Shatskogo

The Royal portal of the Cathedral Shatskogo

The beginning of Gothic style in French art is considered the choir and the Western facade of the Church of the monastery of Saint-Denis, his rebuilt by Abbot Suger 1140-1144 in, In the choir of the Church of Saint-Denis was first consistently applied the Gothic structural system and because of it created a cohesive, full of light space.

Church facade of the Church with two towers, three portals and rose, responsive to the articulation of the building within into three naves, became the prototype of all the Gothic facades of the French cathedrals. The sculpture that adorned the portals of this facade, also contained innovations that later formed the basis of Gothic sculptural decoration. The most important of these was the emergence of unfamiliar Romanesque art, however, has become an integral and most important part of every Gothic portal on the slopes of the statues-columns. The innovation was developed in Saint-Denis iconographic program of the sculptural decoration, extensive and slender, covering all three of the portal, which perpetuates cycles of the sculpted tympanum, the lintel, the jambs and archivolt — the comparison of the old and New Testaments. Unfortunately, almost all of this sculpture were lost during the French revolution, and what little remained was destroyed or distorted by clumsy restoration in the late 30-ies of the XIX century are Preserved only drawings Continue reading

Gothic style in architecture
Gothic style in architecture Replaced the Romanesque style in Western Europe came the Gothic style in architecture and dominated in these areas from the 13th to the 15th century. The…

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