Mariupol Underground

Occam’s razor in action

To my utter surprise, it turned out that the rumors about the dungeon (or rather most of them) has arisen not on an empty place. Although the information in them is often distorted beyond recognition – they’re based on real facts.

By a happy coincidence, we can even specify the exact date of the beginning of the study “underground” theme of Mariupol. It happened September 1, 1928, when the employee of Museum of local lore Peter Mitrofanovich of Pinevich were called to the corner of Karl Marx and a Small Garden. Working, cleared a ditch for a water pipe, found some mysterious underground passage. Inspecting and questioning the local old people the situation is not clarified. I note that Pinevich was not able to deal with this underground structure. Concluding his report he makes the assumption that the course could be dug by the Cossacks or the Turks .

Described by Pinevich the course really stands out among other well-known dungeons in the city. We will consider in the third part of this article.

Of particular surge of interest in Mariupol dungeons observed in recent years. Recent publications the most informative article should be called N. Skrypnyk “Catacombs near Mariupol. Do they exist?” The author has led quite a lot of evidence about the tunnels. Taken together, these facts convince us of the reality of the existence of such phenomenon. Another fresh article – “Under the center of Mariupol – the underground tunnels? “- belongs to M. the Queen . It has more information about the underground structures of the Soviet era, we in this work will not be considered.

If you spend a little time, according to information presented by Skrypnyk and Queen (plus collected by LV), a small classification. For the convenience of further work the described objects are assigned alphanumeric characters.

Underground passages :

Places to which the nexiq several rumors about underground tunnels.

I . Leading from the Market square to the Central square. He was to be placed under Lenin Avenue, approximately between DOSAAF and theatre. This move is often referred to in town folklore.

II . From the Marketplace in the direction of the long-distance bus station . This seems to be the same, and that “the progress under the Trade” of urban legends. It seems unlikely that he reached the station. Most likely, he was “half” and ended in Kuranovoy beam (near Food factory).

III . Move between the city jail and the former offices of the KGB . Unfortunately, A. V. Vasilenko, who is referred to by Skrypnyk, also knows that the only hearsay. Therefore, no details about the direction of travel (straight or with turns?) and its external (rather internal) failed to learn. According to R. P. Bozhko, the city jail was located on the current street Varganova, to the West of our famous water tower, and the KGB of Greek street, between Lenin Avenue and St. George. In this case, the speed III is probably the beginning of turn II. Maybe he was turning South on Greek street and ended in “the progress of the Pinevich”?

IV . The course of urban legends – Artem, in the area between Drama and Zhovtnevy tax.

V . The progress under the Urban garden. About him I told the Mariupol local historian A. D. Protsenko. According to him, he was mentioned in the article Skrypnyk “marchinkowski” five-story building to the South, ending “on a steep slope South side of the City garden” the Truth, Arkady Dmitrievich far in the course and met people who have gone through this (or any other) underpass Mariupol and would be able to make it description. Therefore, the direction of this stroke, too, probably derives from urban legends.

VI . Underground passage at the site “B” Azovmash. It was down another local historian S. D. Burov. According to his description is “typical” of the brick tunnel taller than a man, with a vaulted ceiling. About floor installation by Sergei Davidovich nothing could not tell us, as he was heavily silted. Regarding this tunnel is more or less clear. It’s a sewer. Seems still valid.

VII . Move from “house Regina” to the Harbour . Would have to pass under the lake domaha. Given the high groundwater level in the area of the Liberties, and the Harbour – technologically unlikely. Most likely he will remain a legend.

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