Mysteries of ancient civilizations

We were visited by aliens or not? Indisputable evidence of such visits has not been found yet. But indirect…

ON EARTH there are several places — Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Greece, Rome, Mexico, is getting into which we involuntarily think about the wisdom and skill of the ancients, who erected beautiful palaces and majestic temples, Vysheslavsky movement of celestial bodies, making simple household items so efficiently and completely that the hypothesis of Darwin’s on the hairy human ancestor seems particularly questionable.

ONE such place is the Altiplano, a highland plateau on the border of Peru Bolivia. By inertia in the guidebooks still write that architectural and engineering achievements of the district created by the Incas. But the Incas were heirs to the great cultures of the more distant past. And maybe even… alien. The correspondent of “AIF” saw the seriousness of this release, visit the city of Tiahuanaco.

…He eyes square with rounded corners, rectangular face with a heavy turban over the forehead, a straight nose with flared nostrils, bushy beard and mustache, a donut surrounding the mouth .

Ancestors of the Incas

VIRACOCHA as God-teachers of Aymara (the indigenous people of Bolivia and the descendents of the Incas), strongly differed from them: in appearance — a real European. He taught the Indians to build houses and temples, to grow a potato, write and count, watch the stars and to heal.

Not far from Alpine lake Titicaca from Viracocha remained a temple city called Tiahuanaco. Digging it at first, archaeologists believed that he was one and a half thousand years, then lengthened the age of the ruins of 2500 years. But Arthur Poznansky, a Bolivian scholar who devoted their lives to this Athens of South America, said angles of incidence of the solar rays through the Sun Gate taking into account slowly changing the angle of inclination of the earth’s axis. In the end, he proved that these stones from 12 to 17 thousand years.

It’s just…

ON the EDGE of Tiahuanaco lie slabs of granite, which many researchers consider a pier(apparently, once the shore of the lake was here, but not 20 km as it is today). The mass of the largest of these, 440 tons. Neatly tuck it in, aligning with adjacent, it was possible, only using port crane. Where is he in the stone age, and at an altitude of 3,800 meters?

Granite, andesite and basalt — and it is these hard stone are the ruins of the ancient city is not treated stone and copper tools. Other in Tiahuanaco was not found. Then how do they drill perfectly straight holes in thicker granite? Than cut stone, achieving a perfectly smooth ledges? How did you managed to hollow semi-cylindrical trough for their granite gutters?

Aymara answer to these questions is simple: it was the gods, no wonder they built a city in just one night!

Scientists to such questions no answer at all. Because then they would have to admit that for many thousands of years before us on Earth there was a civilization, which was equal to our current.

“Leonov” from the village of Oira

Is similar to people creators of these masterpieces of civilization in South America?

And IF you look at the ceramics of the Tiahuanaco culture, not less perfect than keraamikatehas Greece, you may be thinking: they were beings not from our planet . And now square eyes Viracocha, his angular limbs, the faces of his companions, with a clear portrait likeness painted on the walls of the underground temple and so similar to the spacesuits of astronauts , strengthen in thoughts: these artifacts — evidence of paleocontact. Especially when the local Museum to see the stele depicting two tuanakotta in zero gravity — they sent the heads to each other . But in a small muzeychik Peruvian village of Waro engraved on the stone, an astronaut working in outer space (well, exactly our Alexei Leonov aboard the “Voskhod-2”!)

Probably the same civilization that built colossal structures of Tiahuanaco, left on sandy Nastya famous Nazca desert drawings and lines. Length equal to several kilometers, and their strict straightness is not available even today specialists in geodesy. To see these images, while remaining on the ground, it is impossible. Necessary, as the discoverers of the Nazca lines, climb into the sky. But more about that in the next post from South America.

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