Mysterious places of the Earth

Mysterious places of the Earth.

A lot of mysterious and unexplored places on our planet. Many unresolved mysteries and wonders, inviting to itself. Among them, one of the major wonders of the world, the enigmatic Sphinx and the Egyptian pyramids. Who built this wonder? They say that it was built in ancient times by the gods themselves. And under the Sphinx is the tomb of a king named Harmachis and the great Treasury of secret knowledge. Such treasures generously scattered everywhere.

Even in such deserted places such as the Kola Peninsula.

District seydozero – the Holy lake of the Saami. Here in the lost corner of the Earth, at the edge of a mysterious seita, was found a hearth of ancient civilization. Among the prickly winds and high snows, thick, dark-green firs and pines slender height right up to the sky and majestic cliffs lie the ruins of once beautiful buildings. Underfoot – mosses, huge stone slabs, paved road, mazes, fairytale rocks-giants, an ancient well and the mysterious writings on the rocks. Somewhere in these parts among the swamps and mountain gorges, according to Saami, there is a mysterious hole leading underground. But it is necessary to approach him, as a person suddenly covers afraid of him, if he had invaded someone’s forbidden possession. This place is enchanted. Invisible spirits vigilantly guarded the forbidden borders, not allowing anyone close from mortals.

Altai. Here, too, their reserved places and breathes the spirit of magic from every stone. Belukha, the sacred mountain. Locals consider the mountain sacred and worship it as a deity. In these parts there is an old legend about the evil evil spirit Erlich, who lives in the snowy palaces, vast ice-fields, and in deep dungeons. It vigilantly and jealously guards a treasured mountain and punish any that dare come closer to her. Foolish daredevil evil spirit unleashes avalanches and rockfalls, trying to block his path.

The locals are afraid even to look at it and talk about Katun Pillars in Holy awe. Belukha surrounded by a halo of grandeur and luxury century-old spruce; on the background of sky-blue penciled sparkle like diamond facets. It is set on open winds, just a chaste bride, bashfully covered with a white wedding veil. Somewhere nearby lies a magical Belovodye – a fantastic country with the dairy rivers and kiselnyh coast, where there is heaven on earth, Golden Age. Here the old believers went to seek an unknown country, and, returning from their trip, talked about all sorts of miracles. People marveled at the wonderful stories about a beautiful country and was folded about her the whole legend.

In Siberia a lot of not only mountains, but also a fabulously beautiful lakes. Fantastic. Each lake has magical healing powers. After a dip in this lake could heal from any disease. Deep beneath the Siberian land, said to lie cyclopean underground structures and archives with ancient books, written in a lost language. Many unsolved secrets of pristine Siberian land. Once there lived our ancestors – the magnificent arias. Here, on the territory of Western Siberia in ancient times was, according to legend, shrouded in mystery, the center of high culture of a vanished civilization. In ancient times here stood a red temple with seven domes – spiritual and scientific center of the ancient people. In one of the halls of the temple were richly decorated altar beautiful crystal, fallen from the sky. The mysterious faces of the crystal shimmered with a beautiful lilac purple color. Who knows, maybe this crystal was a legendary stone Chintamani, the Holy Grail is the messenger of the constellation Orion.

Why Aryans left their homeland and went to live in distant India, to the South? Traditions say that 12,000 years ago the Earth broke out a global catastrophe that dramatically changed the warm climate in Siberia. Aria went away, fleeing from the fierce cold. But the place they had left and to this day has not lost its sanctity and mysterious power. Here I often see locals and visitors mysterious glow and flashes of light suddenly appear in the air colored spots and fine form, taking the appearance of people.

And it’s not the only mystery associated with the deep past. How many more lies on the surface and just waiting to be discovered? You only need to drop the denial and dig a little deeper, and then the light will be the truth.

Keep their secrets and Sands of the Gobi desert. They hide countless treasures, belonging to a vanished race of people. Once in place these deserted Sands stood a rich beautiful city. In the temples of sung solemn hymns in honor of the Sun God, and people worshipped fire. In the ancient temples were able to extract light-fire from space. On the feast of the Sun the great rulers wore the sacred stone. The priestess woven into braids plate of sacred metals and bore the likeness of a serpent. They worshipped the serpent – the symbol of wisdom and infinity and do their sacred rites in the Golden temples the altars.

The inhabitants of ancient empires possessed untold riches in gold, fine jewelry and ornaments, weapons, sculpture, vessels and other luxury items. Now all these treasures lie beneath the Sands and guarded by ugly dwarves. When the time comes, the treasures will be opened, and new pages of history will open up before the inquisitive human eyes.

In a massive mountain in the desert walled Golden Horse. The time is approaching when the Horse is released from his stone prison.

In Central Asia many amazing places and finds, lying almost on the surface of the earth. Here sudden find old coins, long disappeared from use, silver bullion, precious and semi-precious stones, fragments of fine porcelain and fine glass mixed with human remains. No matter how great were the ancient civilizations, but they sank into Oblivion, obeying the immutable law of the stately rotation cycles. The time will come, and in place of the desolate Sands again will flourish cities and empires, even more brilliant. In nature nothing dies, and is reborn again and again.

On Altai have been recently found the mummified remains of an unknown Princess’s Eyes of the Ball, which the locals deified and worshipped her as a goddess. As a result of careful scientific analysis, it was found that the appearance of the Princess was typically European, meaning it did not belong to the Turkic people. Another mystery!

And in the Urals, too, have recently found an ancient city of Arkaim – center of the Aryan civilization. Reconstruction of the human remains showed that arias had typically Slavic features. Turns out we are direct descendants of the Aryans?

The majestic ruins of Arkaim are dazzling. In the Foundation structure is a circle – symbol of eternity. From the bird’s-eye view of the city resembles a giant solar symbol. The city is built on a clearly defined plan, this is evidenced by exact and harmonious proportions. In order to build such a structure, it was necessary to have a high intelligence and deep knowledge. Obviously, our ancestors were not as rough and primitive as we are accustomed to think about them. All megalithic structures of ancient times – evidence of the wisdom and high intelligence of their builders. And masterpieces of art is a sign of high culture and skill. All these objects and structures are living witnesses to the grandeur of ancient times. Each of them radiates a special energy, formed over thousands of years. And this energy as a greeting to us from the past, modern generations of people from our wise ancestors.

Golden domes of ancient churches, painted fairytale towers, majestic temples and rich decoration of the princely chamber – also a reminder about the great flowering of the culture of our state. And we have something to boast about, have a surprise. And we, as they say, born yesterday. Our ancestors knew a lot about the skill and possessed a fine artistic taste. Otherwise, how did the masterpieces of folk arts and wooden-stone construction? Our culture is rich in both art and its wonderful traditions, existing from time immemorial. These traditions were embodied in Russian folk tales, and songs and ceremonies. They heard echoes of past beliefs and historical reality. The rich figurative language of a people gives us the unique atmosphere of those years. With love and affection describes every detail, ultimately creating a colorful image finished.


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