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The Gothic monument

The Gothic monument

There have been attempts to explain the position of the Gothic fountain, rolandosa post, etc. on the sides of the square the interests of traffic. The consideration is not evidence-based, though this fact might have had a certain amount of influence. In those days the movement and not remotely like what exists today, even in small provincial towns, as people were afraid to admit in a city of strangers. Even market trade was often conducted not in the city and outside the city walls. Crucial requirements are determined by the form of monuments. Having evolved from the architecture finials (pointed towers), the Gothic monument, and this fragile architectural member, needs to be strengthened and relationships with the environment. The architecture of the vial achieves this through frequent repetition, one and the same motive; the monument is looking for support in a larger architecture: crystal, who grew up next to a large crystal formation. As the sacristy in the Church of St. Lawrence at Nuremberg, are not able to stay without the surrounding pillars and the fountain “Shinerunner” on the main market 1385-1396 he could not stay in the middle of the square (when you restore it a little bit pushed to the middle of the square). Similarly, the fountain “Berlinrosen” in Ulm, the market fountain in the Swabian town of Urach looking for support on a larger structure. To expand on the question of the position of the Gothic monument is not possible, as in most Continue reading

Ancient structures

How to see the most mysterious ancient structures.

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“There are always things to … what did not dream our wise men!”. Do you agree that this phrase is relevant at all times? Despite the Hyper-speed, breakneck technical innovations, globalization, information flows are crazy, the world holds many mysteries, and scientists of today often can not afford to unravel the secrets of the past. What to speak about simple inhabitants? We have only admiration to primitivity but build a naive hypothesis.

For example, on how the pyramids were built, what purpose is pursued by the creators of Stonehenge (England), who actually portrayed the statues on Easter island? Hypermasculine monuments, mysteriously erected a wall or carved in a monolithic rock mystical signs excite the imagination. Digital report in such cases is just shocking. Imagine: the same known to most figures (though, without hands, without feet) on Easter island weigh on average 10-20 tons! And the biggest of them 100 tons, height more than 20 meters!

But this is the most popular historical “blocks-rubiki”, it is unclear how and by whom composed. To get the ancient energy and to feel the power of the ancestors, you can go in, say, Peru. Here in Cusco has preserved amazing fortress Saccoman (by guesswork, and even the temple Continue reading

Gothic cathedrals


In print and manuscript of this country Gothic style dominated until 1945. At the moment the Gothic letter is used widely as an ornamental (especially in signage and in the headlines).

Gothic italic, or kurrent (Kurrent) is an obsolete form of shorthand, which existed in Germany (other German-speaking countries have not been widely). Gothic italic was created based on late medieval cursive. In 1911 in German Sütterlinschrift was adopted, standardized by artist Ludwig Suetterlin (1865-1917). This font is taught in all German schools from 1935 to 1941. This font has been forbidden by decree of Martin Bormann, who erroneously believed that the recension created by Jews. However, Sütterlin was taught in some German schools until the 1970s

Chronologically, the fashion for the Gothic letter coincides with the Gothic era in architecture and art (the concept of “Gothic” is connected with the ethnonym of the Germanic tribe is ready). Prolonged use of Gothic letters, apparently, can be explained not only the aesthetic and technical qualities. In The North Of Europe Continue reading

Ancient Egypt

Cultural Studies, The Pyramids . Report Abstract, synopsis In the dunes near the step pyramid of Djoser discovered two unfinished two-step pyramid .

Ahet – Khufu( Horizon of Khufu ), as it is called, was built for the son of Snefru Pharaoh Khufu ( Cheops ) the architect and the chief building Hamina.

The Pyramids Of Egypt

Cultural Studies, The Pyramids Of Egypt . Abstract. same layout of the burial chambers ; it is possible that it was immediately conceived as a structure . directly related to the main pyramid ie as well.

a kind of link between topped by a pyramid with the mastaba and the pyramid form itself . what has the so-called North tomb of this Pharaoh .

Pyramids of ancient Egypt . as a monument to the vanity and cruelty of Oriental despotism

Art and culture, the Pyramids of ancient Egypt . as a monument to the vanity and cruelty of Oriental despotism, Abstract. pyramid PYRAMID of ANCIENT EGYPT – a monument to the VANITY AND CRUELTY of the ORIENTAL DESPOT 1. In the shadow of the pyramids 2. The history of the pyramids 3. Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians.

A MONUMENT TO THE VANITY AND CRUELTY OF THE ORIENTAL DESPOT 1. In the shadow of the pyramids One hot summer day in 1867, mark TWAIN, then a young newspaper.

Ancient Egypt . In the shadow of the pyramids .

Cultural Studies, Ancient Egypt . In the shadows Continue reading

Secrets of the mountain Pidan

Secrets of the mountain Pidan

In every corner of Russia has its unique place, steeped in mysteries and legends. In Primorsky Krai there are several such places, one of them is mount Pidan. Unlike many others, the mountain Pidan, in addition to the legends, contains indisputable evidence of presence of an ancient civilization with a rich culture. The issue is devoted to this website .

Pidan mountain got its name in ancient times. According to the legend, so it was named the priests of the Bohai state, but it is possible that the mountain got its name long before bobicev. The current name of Pedana that we can see on maps – town of Livadia, but the mountain still call Pidana and in people and in travel agencies, arranging regular trips there.


To get to Pedana on the train from Vladivostok to the village of Lukyanovka in 2.5 hours, which is 74 km From the station to the foot of the mountain on average 4.0 to 4.5 hours on foot, from the foot to the top 2.0 – 2.5 hours. But half way to the foot can be overcome in a jeep, and even better on the truck, which in high season make multiple routes per day. The height of Pedana – 1333 m wondering does it mean anything?!

The coordinates of the mountain – 04,258 43 North Latitude and 132 41,621 East longitude.The summit offers good views of the Livadiysky range, and in good weather Continue reading

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