Secrets of the mountain Pidan

Secrets of the mountain Pidan

In every corner of Russia has its unique place, steeped in mysteries and legends. In Primorsky Krai there are several such places, one of them is mount Pidan. Unlike many others, the mountain Pidan, in addition to the legends, contains indisputable evidence of presence of an ancient civilization with a rich culture. The issue is devoted to this website .

Pidan mountain got its name in ancient times. According to the legend, so it was named the priests of the Bohai state, but it is possible that the mountain got its name long before bobicev. The current name of Pedana that we can see on maps – town of Livadia, but the mountain still call Pidana and in people and in travel agencies, arranging regular trips there.


To get to Pedana on the train from Vladivostok to the village of Lukyanovka in 2.5 hours, which is 74 km From the station to the foot of the mountain on average 4.0 to 4.5 hours on foot, from the foot to the top 2.0 – 2.5 hours. But half way to the foot can be overcome in a jeep, and even better on the truck, which in high season make multiple routes per day. The height of Pedana – 1333 m wondering does it mean anything?!

The coordinates of the mountain – 04,258 43 North Latitude and 132 41,621 East longitude.The summit offers good views of the Livadiysky range, and in good weather the naked eye can see the sea of Japan. To describe the beauty of the landscape that appears from Pedana meaningless in all languages of the world, it can only see and then many times to remember.

Somewhere under Pedana is a fresh water lake (true fact), from which we take the source of several small mountain rivers, which pass along the trail to the foot of the mountain. The water is very clean and ice cold even on the hottest days of summer. Those who have tried this water, forever remember its amazing taste. The water has healing properties. At least you know that no one would get sick after swimming in the icy water of the river and, on the contrary, remained cheerful for several days. And this is the truth based on my own experience many times.

Legends Of Pedana

There are many legends associated with Pidana. Even the most revered in Primorye historian and traveler V. Arsenyev in the early 20th century wrote about the flying man at the foot of the mountains, whom he had seen for many centuries, even before the arrival of the Russians in this region. Almost every year there are people who claim that they saw a flying man. In many descriptions is of a blonde woman with a very pale face of the European type, dressed in white robes, emitting a terrible cry, if she feels threatened.

People with psychic abilities can see her much more often in their statements – that the woman is a Ghost to protect and guard the mountain from evil. She appears frequently in the camps of tourists in the dark or early in the morning to listen to their conversations, often then feel the presence of women, children and people with high sensitivity. All the horror stories in her  created by those who wish to give the mountain dark magic status, and in recent years, alas, is becoming more and more.

With these testimonies should be taken seriously not only because of the flying woman was a respected researcher Arsenyev, but also on the expedition to Pidan in the mid 90-ies of American journalists. They made a film about the mysteries of Padana on top of the mountain they managed to capture on film the flying man within minutes. Footage of documentary film was shown on television in the United States.

Unfortunately, Russian scientists have not yet reached Pedana, but it would be worth. Maybe for them it is too hard? Or they are afraid that their theory rassypaetsja like a house of cards?

The megaliths, the location of the megaliths of Pidan

But the most mysterious on Pedane tens, if not hundreds of megalithic stone blocks, as if scattered from the bottom to the top of the mountain, the amazing dolmens and prehistoric stone wall, standing on top of a ridge almost at the top of Pidan.

Unusual stones begin to meet on a narrow and steep path leading to the top of Pedana, but they can not be seen, if you go the other way, so many tourists don’t know about megaliths. In the beginning is ordinary stones, of which there are thousands, but by rising above the face stones with patterns and a ruined dolmen. Then there are strange stone structures similar to the defensive FORTS. To the left of them a dramatic forested hillside, leading down somewhere to the river, the noise can barely be heard, the right seaside taiga without trails, but with trees, vines and shrubs.

It is unknown what hides behind a dense forest on either side of the trail. Hardly anyone dares to move away from the trail more than a few feet, afraid to get lost or to fall behind his classmates, and even worse to be bitten by a poisonous snake, a Copperhead snake or Viper, of which there are many.

Of the wall Even more questions appear, when you come out of the woods into the open space before the last, the most interesting and difficult stage of the ascent. Towards the highest point of Pedana stretches a long ridge on top of which there are megalithic structures. From 400 to 500 meters in length is an impressive stone walls. Lovers of climbing Pidan call it the wall of Jurjana. Although, to them it has nothing to do. Jurjani (their heyday was in XI-XIII centuries) has never built a Fort or castle so high (1100 meters), used a similar technique of masonry and lacked the appropriate technology to do this. The same applies to Bohica (the state of Bohai in Primorye existed in VII-X centuries), but according to legend the Bohai priests carried out their rituals on the mountain regularly and considered it Holy. However, all these “legends” about the trail of Bohai appeared in the late XX century, without any scientific or even pseudo-scientific evidence, remain simple tales.

Near the beginning of the wall, is one of the main attractions of Pedana – DOLMEN. Its height is from 2.2 to 2.5 meters (rough guess), it consists of a huge stone block, the edges of which are 4 small stones of the same shape, and they a huge block of stone identical to the first. To fit between two stone blocks (inside the dolmen) any person of medium size. About who and what built the dolmen unknown.

Dolmens can be found in all parts of the world. The largest number counted in Ireland, the Caucasus, Korea (to go to the dolmens in North Korea is impossible because of existing totalitarian regime), France, Germany, England. There are many dolmens in Russia, but no one else except the researchers dolmens of the Caucasus, it is purposefully not engaged. In the South of Primorsky Krai (the North of the region no data available), according to some that have yet to be tested, dolmens found in the Khasan district, in the territory adjacent to the border with North Korea.

Studies of dolmens in Europe indicate that in the area where there is at least one dolmen, must be a few more. But, the study of megalithic structures, which include dolmens, Pedane no one did. Therefore the neighborhood of Pedana keep a lot more secrets to discover in the future.


On top of Pedana felt a strong energy, many people moved in different directions, some are experiencing a big rush of emotions from laughter to tears. When you ascend, you feel inexplicable aggression towards others and yourself, easy to quarrel because of a trifle. Things are different when descending: joy, positive emotions, want to sing songs and laugh. If you divide an overnight stay at the top or at the foot of the mountain, the dreams acquire a special importance.

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