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Very nice post, revealing the story of a few Templars from a different perspective. About the real history of the Templars can be read here: the knights Templar destroyed Jewish on the island.

Some 80 cathedrals and 70 smaller churches appeared in Europe in the Gothic epoch. Given that each of them were built dozens of years, all of them were created at the same time, you find yourself wondering: who has developed a new architecture? Who raised so many masters? Who filled the Gothic temples of the most complicated symbols? Finally, whose money they were constructed, because not all cities have the means to even repair the walls? In medieval Europe there was only one organization capable of such, – the order of the Temple, the Templars…

It is considered that the order was founded in 1118 in the Holy Land in Jerusalem, where with a noble mission to protect the pilgrims arrived the first nine knights. In the history of the order, from the first days of its existence, more questions than answers, and it has always given rise to speculation and legends. The first nine years after gaining fame, honor, and respect in the Holy Land, the Templars took the order of a single new member, and their primary military duty was accompanied by a mysterious work they were in the cellars of the legendary Temple of Solomon, which gave the name to the order. The results of the search exceeded all expectations and allowed the formal establishment of the organization, economic, military, political and, most importantly, the spiritual influence which had no equal. What was discovered – will forever remain a mystery.

For almost two hundred years of its formal existence the knights Templar in the literal sense of the words changed history. They built roads all over Europe and they linked Europe with the East. At a distance of one day’s journey from each other on every road was a fortified commandery, and travel became safe. They created the world’s first banking system, issuing cheques for which any merchant can get gold or silver coins at any residence of the knights Templar, trade has also become secure, and trade in times of the order of reborn. They built the system of granaries and two hundred years, Europe had forgotten what hunger is. From the East they brought knowledge on narcotic substances and has taught doctors of anesthesia. Their fleet was not only the most powerful and first used a compass, but also made a significant contribution to the history of geographical discoveries: already it is authentically known about regular sailings to America long before Columbus. Their chief wealth was the people – knights, trained and multi-level system of initiations into secret knowledge. The order was considered Catholic, but in reality professed a much more ancient religion and had a great canonical attitude towards the doctrines of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

In 1307, as suddenly as it was born, the order ceased to exist. Formally the reason was the Pope’s accusation of the Templars of heresy. It is noteworthy that neither material nor spiritual in their wealth fall into the hands of the persecutors. The order of the Temple seemed to have disappeared… as well as the enigmatic builders of Gothic cathedrals, the Templar came out of nowhere, he fulfilled his mission and went nowhere…

What enables us to talk about the mission of the Order? First of all, the name. It is believed that the temple they were named because the first House of the Templars in Jerusalem was built on the ruins of the legendary Temple of Solomon, which, according to legend, they wanted to restore. It is naive to assume that the Templars would agree on the name of the order, which did not meet its mission. And the work in the cellars of the Temple of Solomon were terminated immediately after the acceptance of the order by the Church in 1128. So what is the Temple then?

Obviously, it is not about the physical. Long (after the collapse of the Roman Empire) the lack of Europe’s cultural and philosophical centers, coupled with a growing Church dogmatism led to the cultural and spiritual exhaustion, and why we still call the middle Ages “dark”. The darkness of ignorance, prejudice, loss of ideals became a sign of the time. Europe was in need of deep spiritual renewal that would affect the person’s inner world, his world. Received the knights Templar secret knowledge allowed them to dream of the restoration of the Church in the deepest sense of this concept – the restoration of the Temple in the human soul. This required long training, which could not be public, but allusions to which we find in Templar symbolism. So, a kind of graffiti left on the walls of the castle of Chinon by the hierarchs of the order, prisoners there after the arrest, allows to judge about the doctrine of the knights Templar. Three intertwined circles forming seven curvilinear triangles indicate the knowledge of septenary symbolism; the systematic use of precise numbers with symbolic meaning (3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13) indicates the connection with the Pythagoreans, though not directly. Ethics of cisteriana, which became thanks to Saint Bernard of the knights Templar ethics, emphasizes modesty, delicacy, love and serve his Ideal of universal qualities required from the students any of the philosophical schools of antiquity.

It turns out that at the same time with a Grand exterior construction, which was carried out throughout the existence of the order, not less attention was paid to internal construction: protecting of virtue in the human heart, the Templar knights took care of the spiritual revival, the Temple of the human soul. I mean, I did the same thing and the mysterious builders of the Gothic cathedrals, who managed to fill their soaring creations of the mysterious light of stained glass.

Were the builders of the cathedrals and the Templars by the same people? It’s not so important, for the work of both was subjected to a single idea – to restore the Sacred in human life, to reveal to him the path to the Sacred. And those and others were not properly understood, but did not hesitate. The inscription left by the Templars on the column of the North façade of Chartres Cathedral, reads: “Let the events take their course – you have to deliver the Covenant.”

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