The Gothic churches of Ukraine

I’m always impressed by the huge pomp of Gothic cathedrals, temples and churches; all these sharp items, bending, steeples give the building something of the mystic and slowest. Even before you get inside the Church, near the entrance time to feel its greatness and pressure on his person. And organ music paired with a well-equipped acoustics, just hypnotize a person and made to feel his insignificance before the Almighty!

For some wonders need to go thousands of miles away, others are at our feet. but we do not notice them! Now, I represent to your attention the most beautiful buildings in Gothic and neo-Gothic style on the territory of Ukraine. You do realize that prior to the Gothic of Germany and the Czech Republic them away, but to see and admire.

1. The Church of St. Stanislaus (Chortkiv)

Address: St. Shevchenko, 2

First beauty, of course, the Church. Stanislav, that’s why he was in the top 15 of the architectural masterpieces of Ukraine. Dominican Church – it is a bright representative of the Gothic revival style, built in the early XX century, was once part of the defense complex of the city. In our category it is, of course, “the King of Gothic of Ukraine”.

2. The Church Of St. Olga and Elizabeth (Lviv)

Address: Kropivnitskogo square, 1

Of course, it was impossible not to note the Lviv the pearl of the Gothic Church of St. Elisabeth. This is the highest of the Lviv Cathedral, the spires of its height is 85 meters, to compete with him can only Cathedral. Jura. In the design of the Church there are elements of North German and French Gothic architecture: the portal in the form of huge roses, a vertical inner space, sharp spires. Since 1991, the Cathedral belongs to the Greek Catholics; they were able to restore a destroyed Church after the war.

3. Nicholas Church (Kiev)

Address: B. Vasilkovskaya str., 75

The third place in our ranking is the Kyivan Catholic Church of St. Nicholas. It was built in the early XX century by order of the Kiev Catholic community, by architect Gorodetsky. During the construction of the Church used the new building material – concrete. Steady sixty two huge towers decorated with numerous sculptures, among them is a traditional Gothic cathedrals stained-glass window in the form of a rose. Now it hosts concerts of organ music, everyone is welcome to come and listen to the live body.

4. The Church of St. Nicholas (Dneprodzerzhinsk)

Address: ul. Kovalenko, 3

The Church Of St. Nicholas is the only representative of Gothic architecture in the Eastern regions of Ukraine. This style of architecture is not typical for the Left Bank. Roman katolicheskii the Church was built on these lands in 1905 in neo-Gothic architectural style. If you look at the temple from above, it has the form of a Latin cross, the height of its towers reaches 33 meters. Today the Church is under reconstruction.

5. Vozdvyzhenska Church (Fastiv)

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya street, 4-a

In the middle of our ranking of the Roman Catholic Church of the exaltation of the Holy cross. The Cathedral was built in the XX century under the guidance of architect V. Dombrovsky in neo-Gothic style. Uncharacteristic for the Gothic churches asymmetry makes it unlike any other. The Gothic temple is the main attraction of the city and its business card.

6. The Cathedral of St. Martin (Mukachevo)

Address: Mira street, 2

In place of the old Gothic Church in 1904 was built a new Catholic Church in honor of the patron Saint of the town of Mukachevo. From the original building remained only the chapel of St. Joseph XIV century. with medieval tombstones. The chapel was the main altar of the old Gothic temple. Last restoration of the Church was held in 1976.

7. Jesuit Church (Chernivtsi)

Address: Bakhrushina ul., 2

Again, the example of neo-Gothic… Well, we have no in Ukraine Gothic in its purest form! Full name Jesuit Church – Roman Catholic Church of the heart of Jesus. Was built in the late nineteenth century, missionaries of the society of Jesus, the heirs of the Jesuits. Designed this mini-masterpiece of Professor Th. Leitner. After the overthrow of the Soviet power the Church was returned to Catholic community of city.

8. The Church of St. Joseph (Nikolaev)

Address: Dekabristov str., 32

The Church Of St. Joseph was built on the donations of Catholic parishioners in 1896 by the architect V. Dombrovsky. During the time of the Bolshevik dictatorship the Church was closed. Resumed service in 1992, then mounted and the body. About once a month, there are organ concerts. Near the Church in the courtyard there is a collection of stone sculptures.

9. Lutheran Church (Lutsk)

Address: the street, 16

The Church was built in 1906 with funds of the German community of Lutsk. Neo-Gothic Church fell into disrepair after the events of the Second world war for obvious reasons. In Soviet times there was a city archive. Currently used as a Protestant Church.

10. The Church of St. Joseph (S. Volytsya)

Address: highway M-11(E40) “Lviv – Shegini”

The Church Of St. Joseph in the village of Volytsya completes our top ten most beautiful Gothic churches in Ukraine. About him almost no one heard, even in the Internet you hardly where-that will be able to read about him! The Church was built in 1840, its current appearance received after reorganization in 1928. The neo-Gothic temple pleases the eyes of all carriageways in 10 km from the Polish border.

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