The meaning of the word Gothic

The meaning of the word Gothic

Examples of the use of the word Gothic in literature.

Novikov only if earlier it seemed that the atmosphere of the corridors through which he passed, reminiscent of the entourage of the Gothic novel, now ominous changes were visible to the naked eye.

Laboratory Bessonova was part of the Department academician Ivan Artobolevsky, and all this was located on the top fifth floor of a Gothic building, and the height of the fifth floor was modern equal ninth, no less.

It tells about a man who — with the characteristic ambition of the hero-villain of the Gothic or Byronic type — defies nature, wanting to recreate the whole of his past life through the abnormal stimulation of memory.

The day when I’m sick, went to the castle to see a picture of Elster or Gothic carpet that was so similar to the day of my departure to Venice, on the day I went to see the Berm or left at Balbec, I knew that what I sacrifice today, after a while I cooled off, I will go past the castle and won’t come to see carpets, but once didn’t stop me, no matter the sleepless nights or painful attacks.

We — time, whose current Carries away the invisible lions and mountain ranges, Mourned the tenderness, the ashes of happiness, Stubborn perpetual hope, the Lengthy names of the fallen kingdoms, and latinana Hexameters of the Greek, the Dark sea and the triumph of dawn Sleep, the anticipation of impending death, Armor, statues and shelves, heads or tails Anosova face, Spun figurines made of bone Meanders traced on the Board, Paintbrush, Macbeth, and the sea is able to Fill with blood, the secret works Hours, running through the midnight gloom, the Watchful mirror, Looking into another without prying eyes, Engravings and Gothic letter, a Bar of sulfur in the wardrobe, Heavy bells of insomnia, Sunrises, twilight, sunsets, echo, silt and sand, lichens and dreams.

In the high Gothic hall Church, beautiful net vaulting of which, ghostly quickened, fluttered in the game a few lights, I was listening to pieces by Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Bach, Haydn, I was wandering around my favorite old roads, I heard a great voice of a single vocalist who sang Bach, which once was a friend and has experienced many extraordinary concerts.

The building attracted attention of scientists investigating its complex architecture: the Gothic tower on the Saka or the Romanesque foundations, with even more ancient foundations, a druid or a genuine kimrskiy masonry.

He stood in a number of other small villas that made up the Avenue of the Dawn, basically exactly the same, but differ from each other in the form of window arches, Gothic stone walls, a slate or tiled roof, red brick or white plaster, so that each had to some extent its own identity.

At one time he lived in Canterbury, and Gothic architecture captured his imagination.

In the Kremlin RASO took the Maly Nikolayevsky Palace and Gothic tent of the Archangel Cathedral, Nikolskaya street – Uspensky Cathedral of St. Nicholas Greek monastery in conception convent on Ostozhenka street was blown up by its gorgeous beauty and elegance of the Cathedral, on Pokrovka street demolished the beautiful rotunda Church of St. John the Baptist on Taganka – the Church of the Resurrection Slovusheye.

Areatrade left such grandiose buildings as the pyramids – their origin belongs to the early Neogene, and mutagenicities facilities – crowned with pointed spires of Gothic churches La of Francia.

Opposite of a great Cathedral, bathed with the sunset on the stone balcony built above the portal of a rich Gothic house, which stood on the corner of the square and Papertrey street, remanika and fooling around, chatting and laughing with a beautiful girl.

The house was rebuilt: removed old furniture, demolished the high Gothic roofs, Baroque room.

But in the drawings of pollaiuolo and his contemporary Botticelli along with the trend towards plastic modelling strongly felt the remnants of the Gothic ornamental.

Soft, gentle sound caressed his soul, and his head resting on his violin, he looked happy thoughtful eyes into the distance, out the window, over the rooftops, in progulok, where could be seen a Gothic building of the Church Boulevard.

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