The monuments of Gothic architecture

The monuments of Gothic architecture

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Gothic – one of the most prominent styles of architecture that invokes any feeling of embarrassment and trepidation. Terrifyingly magnificent buildings amaze everyone who saw them.

Gothic architecture began to develop in the middle ages, based on Roman architecture. For the Gothic structures, which are in most cathedrals and temples, characterized by a huge arch with a pointed top, the decoration of the facade of various carved details, high towers, narrow columns and, of course, the beautiful stained glass Windows.

The most famous monuments of Gothic architecture

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Stephansdom in Vienna is one of the most monumental buildings. The construction of the Cathedral began in the early twelfth century, but a fire in 1258 destroyed the Cathedral almost to the ground. Only in 1511, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral was completed thanks to the efforts of Anton Pilgram.

The Cathedral in Lincoln

The Cathedral in Lincoln was rebuilt from the Norman Cathedral. The construction of the Cathedral took a hundred years, whiter, parts of the Cathedral still retains some of the features of the original building. After the earthquake of 1185, the Cathedral was rebuilt.

The Cathedral in Cologne

The Cathedral at Cologne was laid in 1248. The Cathedral was built incredibly slowly, and in 1450 its construction was suspended. Only in 1842 it was decided to resume construction, which was completed in 1880. It is worth noting that the Cathedral is difficult to call it completely finished, its finish still. This is largely due to a strange legend. The architect of the Cologne Cathedral, realizing that he is unable to finish such a monumental structure, was invited to the devil’s help. The devil agreed to help the architect, but when the Cathedral is finished and the last stone will fall into place, the world will end. To avoid the imposition of the threat, the Cathedral is constantly undone.

The Cathedral in Burgos

The first stone was laid in 1221, however, to complete the construction of a monument of Gothic architecture was only in the nineteenth century. The Cathedral is a mighty ship, topped by a stone lacework.

The Cathedral in Toledo

The Cathedral in Toledo is one of the largest in Europe. Built in 1226-1493 the years, the Cathedral became the center of Catholic faith in Spain. Largely that is why the Cathedral has lost some of its original Gothic style, but has acquired many elements from other architectural styles.

The Cathedral in Milan

Milan Cathedral is considered one of the most significant creations of Gothic architecture. The first stone was laid in 1386, the construction of the Cathedral was completed in the nineteenth century. Interestingly, the Cathedral was built of valuable kandoliysky marble, and not from the usual red brick.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral is considered one of the most famous monuments of Gothic architecture, glorified by Victor Hugo. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1163 and ended in the middle of the XIV century. In the Cathedral houses one of the greatest relics of Christianity – the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. The Cathedral was built on the money of king, bishops, ordinary citizens and even prostitutes, with a promise that their gift will remain confidential.

The Cathedral in Reims

Reims Cathedral can be called the pinnacle of French Gothic architecture. The beautifully preserved Cathedral, proudly showing visitors the original furnishings and magnificent stained glass Windows.

The St. Vitus Cathedral

The construction of the Gothic Cathedral began in 1344 and was completed in the twentieth century. The first temple on the site of the Cathedral was built in 925, a small Church was dedicated to St. Vitus.

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