The most ugly building in the world

The most ugly building in the world

Various global editions are the ratings of architectural structures.

So, daily British newspaper the daily Telegraph . founded in 1855, was an interesting ranking of the most ugly buildings in the world . we offer to meet.

The Torre Velasca, Milan

The prototype of this structure, built in 1950-ies, were the towers of medieval fortresses located on the territory of modern Lombardy. On the first floor of a 100-meter building houses offices and shops, the upper volume of the apartment:

Tower “Orbit”, London

Tower “Orbit” in height, 120 meters from the Olympic village, which has become a symbol of London just like the Eiffel tower in Paris. To serve the facility would “stand” for the observation deck. Before this “plates” visitors will be able to access either by lift or a spiral staircase:

The Verizon building, new York

A 32-storey administrative building of “Verizon building” on pearl street, or Pearl street — one of the oldest streets of Lower Manhattan in new York. Owned by the largest U.S. and worldwide an American telecommunications company. Built in 1975:

The office of the construction company Aldar, Abu Dhabi

The headquarters company for the construction of real estate Aldar in Abu Dhabi. The world’s first circular skyscraper, which opened in 2010:

Building a basket (The Basket Building), Ohio, USA

One of the most strange offices in the world built by the Longaberger Basket Company in the U.S. state of Ohio. 7-storey building has a model view of the dumpster of this company. Construction area — 17 000 sq. meters, cost 30 million dollars. The idea to build such an unusual structure came up to the General Director of the company. The construction was finished in 1997:

Zizkov tower in Prague

Its height is 216 meters and the tower is the tallest building in the Czech Republic. It is called as attraction, and the most ugly structure:

The tower is decorated with figures of crawling babies (the song “Babies” by David černý). The construction was completed in 1992:

Ponte City — the tallest residential building in Africa

Built in 1975, the highest 54-storey residential complex in Africa:

The building is cylindrical in shape, with Windows inside is in Johannesburg:

A skyscraper with a wind farm in London

The building Strata SE1 Tower has 42 floors at a total height of 147 meters:

3 wind turbines with blades capable of generating up to 8% of electricity needed for the building. Construction was completed in 2010:

National library of Belarus, Minsk

National library of Belarus is one of the biggest in the world. The building, like diamond, has 23 storeys (73.6 meters) and weighs 115 000 tons. The library opened in 2006:

The Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau

Grand Macao is connected by a long corridor from the casino, so both buildings are considered a single complex. Four-storey casino is designed in the shape of a Lotus, and sorokaletiya the hotel in the distance like the hero early anime Makron 1:

The headquarters of Slovak radio in Bratislava

The elephant building in Bangkok

One of the most famous buildings in Bangkok built in the form of the elephant in 1997. The building consists of 32 floors and a height of 102 meters:

It contains living quarters, a swimming pool, gardens, shopping center, banks, etc.

The headquarters of British intelligence MI-6, London

The building is located on the banks of the river Thames. The construction was finished in 1994. In 2000 there was a terrorist attack: on 8-th floor of the building a shot was fired from a grenade launcher RPG-22. The missile caused only minor damage. The building can be seen in numerous films about James bond:

Residential building Mirador in Madrid

The height of the building is nearly 64 meters or 21 floor. At a height of 37 meters on the facade is a big hole. The construction ended in 2005:

Federation square in Central Melbourne

Liverpool Catholic Cathedral

Russian Embassy in Havana

The building was constructed in 1985:

Residential complex Tours Aillaud in the suburbs of Paris

Residential complex Tours Aillaud in the Paris suburb of Nanterre consists of 18 buildings, the tallest of which is 105 meters. All the buildings are 1 607 apartments. A distinctive feature of all buildings of the complex is the lack of corners:

According to the architect Emil Ayo, this is supposed to be a small city of the future. Many disagree with him. The residential complex was built in 1977:

Office the Fang Yuan building in Shenyang

Chinese architect designed office building in the shape of old Chinese coins with a square cutout on the facade:

His idea was translated into reality in 2001:

Library in priština (Kosovo)

It started in 1982:

Hotel Rügen, Pyongyang

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