The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius

The mysterious pyramids of Mauritius

The pyramids — mysterious constructions. They excite the minds not only of ordinary people and the seekers of the mysterious, but scientists. And if the well-known Egyptian structures, the pyramids of Mauritius few people know and few people saw them.

What is pyramid and what is interesting?

Mauritius is an island in the Indian ocean it is located East of Madagascar, about a thousand km away. the Riddle of the pyramids lies in the fact that firstly, they were found in a desert at that time, the island, and secondly, they are an exact copy of the same buildings called güímar, which are on the opposite side of Africa – Tenerife. If you try to compare both, we find the differences not so easy. It is unlikely that such a startling resemblance to be accidental.

Now imagine – built with the engineering estimate of the pyramids on a small, tucked away island of volcanic origin, and almost exactly mimic those that are on the other side of Africa. Already intrigued, huh?

Who built them? Who would there to dwell until the discovery of the island in 1502?

All these questions remain open, despite the fact that were already conducted research. Since 2008, when the pyramids become more known to the General public, the Mauritius was visited by several expeditions. The most fruitful was the work of archaeologists under the direction Antoine gigal. During the excavations were discovered several buildings that are destroyed and sunken. According to scientists, the age of structures – 10000-20000 years.

More about the history of the discovery of Mauritius and the pyramids.

Until 1502 that the island was not on the map. Opened Mauritius and told the world about it Italian Explorer Alberto Cantino. Open island was due to the fact that it was crossed by trade routes. And in 1507-1510 landed on the island Portuguese sailors. In the future, Mauritius for a long time, until 1968 was colonized by the British. There is an assumption that earlier, in 975 ad, the island was found by the Arabs, but at the time of the landing of Europeans on the island it was uninhabited.

Pyramids are compact, close to the modern airport, in the fields. They all have a clear, rectangular base, and a stepped shape. The number of stages vary from 6 to 13. On the top of some pyramid there is a flat platform. Building height does not exceed 12 meters. The largest pyramid has base dimensions 26*26 m. they are Composed of volcanic rocks. The stone is not treated, the installation is not used binder solutions. This is certainly required engineering skill from those who created these structures. At the base one can see the Foundation blocks of coral origin. At one of the pyramids there is a Central staircase leading to the top. This suggests that the flat top was used for astronomical observations.

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Near the pyramids are and other facilities of the same material and the same technology: stone walls, roads, viewing points, remains of the hydraulic system. Also have strange, unusual patterns. And in the cave found the remains of animals and traces of human activity. “Cave of swallows” is the interior, more like artificial processing, rather than natural processes.

So where did these structures come from?

Unknown. There are many hypotheses. It is known that they were not built by Europeans not by the Arabs in 975 ad. But what? The finding of identical pyramids on different Islands, suggests the idea of an unknown civilization of navigators who possessed the widest knowledge in engineering. Why these people built pyramids, for what purpose? We can only assume. The question remains open.

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