The original beacons of the world

The original beacons of the world

The oldest lighthouse known history of Alexandria, or Faroese, tower. It was built in the year 283 BC on the island of Pharos, at the mouth of the river Nile, in Egypt, at the entrance to Alexandria harbour. The tower had a height of over 160 meters. At night on top of a bonfire that was visible for miles. The lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the seven wonders of the world, but in the year 317 was destroyed… ever Since then, architects from around the world have built many lighthouses, but most of it is hardly worthy of the title “wonder of the world”. Except for these

In the village Malorechenskoye in 2007 opened the temple-a beacon to the glory of St. Nicholas. The temple is the highest in the Crimea, its height is 65 meters…In the design of the temple used ship anchors and anchor chains, under the main cross, inside the gilded ball that symbolizes planet Earth, set lighthouse lantern. “The lighthouse is not yet included in the ship’s sailing, but we hope that this issue will be resolved,” says architect Anatoly Gaydamaka, who led the construction of the Church

Irbe lighthouse on radioisotope thermoelectric generator is one of the biggest lighthouses built in 1985 in the district banks St. Michael and the Irbe Strait of the Baltic sea. The height of the tower of the lighthouse from sea level and 38.5 metres from the surface of the bottom of the sea is about 50 m. power the instrument g the bottom of the underwater part of the tower are three isotope energy plant. The top slab serves as a platform for helicopter landing for periodic maintenance of navigation equipment operating in the beacon.

In 2003, the lighthouse standing on the island of Enoshima (Enoshima) in Japan was renovated, so much so that now he can’t take my eyes off the crowds of tourists. A spiral staircase made of steel, leads to the very top, and fenced it off from the outside world only steel beams, which are illuminated during the night with various lights.

Torre de Hercules – “not an easy Tower” in Spain – the only preserved Roman lighthouse that is actively used to this day. In addition, he holds the title of oldest active lighthouse in the world. It was built by the Catholics in the 2nd century of our era, and the last time it capitally repaired in 1791, the team headed by architect Eustaquio Giannini. 185-foot tower looks great and now and, apparently, will stand for centuries to come.

The Low lighthouse lighthouse in England – in height of only nine feet. This is one of the smallest lighthouses in the world. Moreover, the water beside you will not find anywhere not looking. It was built in 1832 and is still used as a navigational point on land. Every 7.5 seconds in the window there is a flash of light. White, red or blue, depending on which side of light you see.

The lighthouse Kiz kulezi in Turkey more than two and a half thousand years. It is located on a small island off the coast of Istanbul. During this time the island was used as a cemetery, custom, prison, Today inside the lighthouse cafe is arranged and it turned into a kind of “Mecca” for tourists visiting Turkey

To build the tallest lighthouse in America was used approximately 1.25 million bricks. A huge building was given a flash every 7 seconds, helping the ships to overcome the “graveyard of the Atlantic”. In good weather it was visible for 50 miles. However before the new Millennium, the lighthouse was moved inland at 2870 feet at risk of coastal erosion. This lighthouse is a favorite subject for many photos graphs of America

Promthep cape in Thailand – one of the most unusual lighthouses of the new generation. It was built using pure gold in Thailand in 1996, in honor of king Bhumibol Adulyadej. Lighthouse tourists can find on the southern coast of Phuket, it is now one of the main attractions of Thailand.

348 – foot tower Yokohama marine in Japan was the highest tower acting as a beacon to her “temporary closure”, and the court noticed the light from it at a distance of 20 miles. It was built in 1958 to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the port in Yokohama. The tower immediately became a landmark of the city. It is noteworthy that the majority of tourists thought that tower, made in the form of lattices, a regular TV antenna.

Pigeon Point lighthouse – “Pigeon point”, is located on one of the cliffs of California and, with a height of 115 feet, is one of the highest in America. Every November many photos graphs visit the most picturesque lighthouse thatphotos graviroval light emitted by the new lenses. This powerful light is composed of 1008 hand polished lenses and prisms, and its capacity is 500 thousand Candela.

Lighthouse Knarraros – brand white building was built on one of the coasts of Iceland in 1938 and became the tallest structure – height is 86 feet in this country. The lighthouse is still active and creates a flash duration of three seconds every thirty seconds

Built in 1885, the Middle bay lighthouse in the Gulf of Alabama is a great example of lighthouses, which are located right in the water, lying on screw piles. The piles are screwed into piles of stones on the bottom or in the river bed. Beautiful hexagonal lighthouse was recently renovated and improved. In particular, added a new roof and a red color light, powered by solar energy.

The Madang Lighthouse. built in 1959 in Papua New Guinea as a token of memory of killed during the second world war the seamen, and now operates. On the one hand it is reminiscent of a torch, with the other four perpendicular struts at the bottom of this lighthouse looks like a rocket. Lamp performing the function of the flame of the torch, gives out light by a force of one million Candela.

This lighthouse was built using the latest technologies. It was originally planned that the beacon light will emit a powerful light strength in Candela 28 million, but the project proved to be very dangerous, so the lamp was replaced less powerful. Now the lighthouse stands on an island Sullivan, emits light power is “only” a million Candela. Yes and in all other respects, compared to other lighthouses, like this space age – within, among other things, you can even find an Elevator and air conditioning.

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