Tower of Hercules

Tower of Hercules: the oldest lighthouse in the world (Spain)

World’s oldest lighthouse, built in the days of Ancient Rome, stands on a small Peninsula in the vicinity of the Spanish town of La Coruna. This structure is also known as the Tower of Hercules, and is the world’s only Roman lighthouse that is open until now. The height of the tower is 57 meters, and its silhouette, towering over the Atlantic waters has long been a symbol of the city.

The walls of the tower with the track from the outside of the spiral track

Lighthouse in Spain is valued as a historic monument of national importance, and in 2009 it even included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Besides the towers, the facility also comprises a sculpture Park, an ancient Roman structure near the lighthouse, numerous rock carvings and a Muslim cemetery.

Rocky shores “edge of the earth”, as once called the Peninsula, were very dangerous for navigators, therefore, approximately in the late First or early SECOND century the Romans built a tower, designed to simplify the difficult route for ships passing. Construction was led by the architect Caius Servius Lupo.

Inside the lighthouse

The name “Tower of Hercules” is derived from ancient myth, who went to Spain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. According to him, the Greek hero Hercules after his victory over Geryon the giant built a huge tower, where he settled people from Galatia.

The sign of the rose near the lighthouse

Tower view of the ocean and the sign of the rose

Ancient menhirs in the sculpture Park

The monument to Breogan (a mythical Celtic king)

The lighthouse was used continuously, but of particular importance have acquired in the 15th century, when La coruña became a famous port city. Unfortunately, the constant war that led Spain with Flanders and England, led to the decline of trading activity, so the lighthouse was gradually abandoned. Only in 1788 by order of Charles III here started to do major repairs.

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