Under the Stonehenge was found a more ancient structures

Under the Stonehenge was found a more ancient structures

Archaeologists have provided a detailed map of the earth’s surface under Stonehenge and the area around it, revealing previously unknown objects.

For mapping, the researchers used various tools, with which they managed to get an image of a three-meter thick layers of earth in high resolution.

According to the preliminary results, the well-known ancient monument was not the only one. Next was another 17 sites.

A detailed analysis of the data obtained in the near future will shed light on how varied the landscape of Stonehenge.

One of the main surprises for archaeologists was the discovery of traces of about 60 stones, or obelisks, which were “super henges” length of a mile. His footprints previously found in the neighbouring Durrington-uolls.

“The last four years we have been studying this amazing monument to see that he was surrounded by,” he said during a speech at the British science festival, head of project Vincent Gaffney of the University of Birmingham.

“What landscape?”

Most of the land around Stonehenge earlier in this way has not been investigated. Gaffney said that the key question was: “whether it Was a secluded place, where can come only to the select few?”.

The team is composed of a three-dimensional map covering 12 square kilometres, indicates, that was not the case.

Researchers have adopted six different techniques to scan the whole study area at different depths.

During the work, among other things, they used a magnetometer, ground penetrating radar and 3D laser scanner.

A researcher from the University of Leicester Nishad Karim used similar equipment during reconstruction of the graves of the Tudors, Dating back to the XVI century.

She said in an interview bi-Bi-si: “Using GPR and other tools, the researchers were able to virtually penetrate into the interior of the earth and tried to figure out what was civilization thousands of years ago”.

Under one of the numerous mounds, they found a wooden structure with a length of 33 m, created about 6 thousand years ago. Probably it was used for ritual burials and other needs, including separating bones from the flesh.

“The building consists of three rows supporting the roof columns. The design size is approximately 300 sq. m. the Contour reminiscent of the irregular quadrangle, which is interesting, because we found similar structures on the continent, which belong to the same era. They coexist with huge stones,” said Director of the Institute of Ludwig Boltzmann Wolfgang Neubauer.

Ritual objects

In another 17 mounds discovered previously unknown ritual objects about the same age as Stonehenge.

Age set by their shape. “We know how to look some of these items, so we are able to classify them,” explained Gaffney.

After an initial examination of Cursus and Durrington-Walls, which are located to the North and North-East of Stonehenge, researchers have made new discoveries.

There were found two depressions in the prehistoric Kursuse, which is a long, rounded ditch.

Cursus stretches from East to West, and recesses were found at the ends of the ditches, suggesting that they point to the sunrise and the sunset.

This arrangement is closely linked to the location and orientation of Stonehenge, which, as we know, was built 300-500 years later.

Such a significant difference in time indicates that both monuments were not conceived as part of the whole. “Builders are guided by the existing structure. When something is already built, everything else is attached, on the basis of what is already there,” said Gaffney.

His team also found evidence that under the mounds Durrington-Walls at a depth of 3 m are large rocks or wooden racks.

“These items make us look at the history of Darrington-uolls in a whole new light”, – he told in interview Bi-bi-si.

These preliminary data reflect the diversity of the history and development of this area, which will be investigated in more detail, when the scientists will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the data.

This study is expected to clearly demonstrate the different stages in the history of Stonehenge.

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