Underground labyrinths of ancient Alexandria

Underground labyrinths of ancient Alexandria.

Rumors about the basements connected by tunnels under the hotel Bristol, the hotel Solomon, Treasury, and under Nicholas Church, which stood on the site of the 2nd school, came to us long ago.

For a long time we thought it was just a rumor. Moreover, to check them seemed impossible. After all, the hotel Bristol, pochivshaya as the 5th school, stood at the intersection of these hypothetical tunnels. And when it was demolished, the basements, which I remember very well, fell asleep. And, surely, after all the underground passages and tunnels were blocked.

So we thought until recently. While entering the former of Solomon. The spectacle is certainly depressing. To turn, the once luxurious building in the ruins, it should be able to! From the former luxury was only hints and traces. But it is enough to admire the artisans of the 19th century.

We climbed all the nooks and dead ends. It was clear that in some places the stonework is different from the original, but to break down these ancient walls, no one would have allowed it. In one place we have quietly tried to do it, it is very flimsy and we found walls. But the result did just a hole in a dull room, like a closet. Why laid the pass, we now hardly know. We were about to wrap up its search operation, but we helped the case. Not even that. Helped melt water. Our attention was drawn to the sound of water and it came not from sewer pipes and from under my feet. And only then we noticed that the floor under your feet is not earth.

It took us two days to cut a hole in the floor. And here it is, the sensation. Under the cellars was another floor.

Beneath our feet was the entrance to the underground maze, in which for the last 100 years hardly anyone went down. The hole is clearly visible for the corridor leading from the South to the North. And the floor of the corridor, according to our estimates, were at a depth of not less than 7 feet from the surface.

Along the bottom flowed the same water, the noise of which brought us here. We could not resist (and who could resist. ) and descended into hell. To the South there was no road. 15-20 metres in from the cut in the floor of the well, we were expecting a dam of rocks and debris. Apparently, it is the result of the construction of Department store presents. But the water washed its way and flowed from the cracks between the stones. So somewhere there, further South there is a passage. But while the us remained nothing how to move to the North.

Started in not all. Two. The rest remained in the safety net, burning with curiosity. About the smell, I say nothing. I can only say that the insides tried to turn themselves inside out. Breathing was almost nothing. Only the thirst of discoveries blow at the time, Carter and Schliemann, pushing us in the back. And inexperience in such matters. We even did not suspect any danger is plucked. We were able to pass enough to make another discovery. After 50-70 meters, the corridor turned left, and we were inside a wide tunnel with round arches of brick. Along the bottom flowed a real river. Literally 5 meters, the tunnel went sharply to the left. If you try to tie this all to the area, we were somewhere near the “Bullets”, and the underground river flowed from the 2nd school and, turning, went under the house, Stromberg to the river.

In this first part of our research suddenly ended. One of the brave men lost consciousness from lack of oxygen in the underground corridor. I had to urgently call for help and evacuate. Down into the dungeon a second time without special equipment and without respirators, we did not dare. Now we come to our findings and getting ready to re-descend.

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