Unreal 10 most mysterious pictures in the world

Unreal 10 most mysterious pictures in the world

In the nearly 200-year history of photos graphy, there were several unique images that still no one can explain. (Next 10 mysterious stories)

The Martian sphere (13 September 2012)

In 2004, the Rover Opportunity found on the Martian subsurface interesting microscopic formations of a spherical shape. However, even more interesting picture Opportunity did at the end of 2012, which clearly shows a much larger number of far more areas.

These areas, consisting of hematite may indicate that in the past on the red planet was water.

Sea monster captured off the coast of hook island (March 1965)

This well-known picture, many believe the result of working with photos the shop. But few know that the French photos count Robert Le Serek took this unknown giant marine animal in 1965, and this photos graphy became the occasion of heated discussion among zoologists.

The black knight (11 December 1998)

For the first time a picture of an unknown object, dubbed “Black knight”, was made in 1960-m to year one of the first satellites. Polar orbit is clearly seen an unidentified object that could not be neither a satellite of the USSR or satellite States. Since this object is seen multiple times – it appears and disappears at certain time intervals. In the pictures below photos graphy of this object, taken with the NASA mission STS-88.

Among these pictures was STS088-724-66. Image magnification enables to view the object in more detail. After careful study, scholars are inclined to believe that it is a chip of artificial origin.

The grandmother (22 November 1963)

November 22 in Dallas (Texas) was shot and killed the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy. During the analysis of photos gravy made at the crime scene, the experts drew attention to the mysterious woman in brown raincoat and a headscarf. She appears on many pictures and almost always holds a photos device. The FBI was searching for this woman for a long time, but was unable to establish her identity.

Mobile phone in the film of Charlie Chaplin (6 January 1928)

On DVD with a collector’s edition “Circus” by Charlie Chaplin, as the bonus was added a short film about the premiere of 1928. The video is seen a woman who holds in his hand something very similar to mobile phone . The Belfast movie Director George Clarke said he believes these images proof of the existence of time travelers. Many are inclined to believe that the woman holds in her hand the auditory tube. But then it is unclear why she is smiling and something in her said.

The lights of the valley of Hessdalen (20 September 2007)

In 1907 a group of teachers, students and scholars broke in Norway science camp to explore the mysterious phenomenon called “Lights Hessdalen”.

One of the clear nights Bjorn Hauge took this picture. using a shutter speed of 30 seconds. Spectral analysis showed that the object must consist of silicon, iron and scandium. This is the most informative, but not the only photos “Lights Hessdalen”. Scientists are still scratching their heads, what could it be.

Unknown rebel (5 June 1989)

This photo was taken during the riots in Tiananmen square in Beijing in June 1989. Some unarmed person for half an hour alone was holding back a column of tanks. The identity and fate of this person remained a mystery. But this photos graphy was published in almost all major publications in the world, and the unknown rebel has become a symbol of resistance to power.

Spaceman of Solway Firth (23 may 1964)

In 1964, the family of Briton Jim Templeton was walking near the Solway Firth, where they agreed onphotos graviroval Kodak my five year old daughter. Templeton assured that besides them, in these marshy places there was no one. And when the pictures were shown, one of them showed a strange figure, peeking from behind the girls. The analysis showed that photos graphy was not subjected to any changes.

Squadron sir Goddard’s (1919, published in 1975)

This group photos of Goddard’s squadron, which fought in the First world war. It contains one intriguing detail: at the very top for one of the officers you can see a face, in which members of the squadron learned of his former mechanic Freddy Jackson, who died two days before this photo was taken. And on the day when a squadron with aphotos graviroval, was the funeral of Jackson.

Pyramids on the moon (11 December 1972)

What you see above – photos graphy of the surface of the moon at number AS17-136-20680 which was done in the framework of the mission Apollo 17. In the directory photos grafi she was listed as “lit”. She obviously suffered from excessive light exposure. However, after working with the contrast of this image, it turned out that actually, it showed structures resembling pyramids.

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