What to see in Prague

What to see in Prague. The old town square, Charles bridge, Prague Castle.

The Czech capital of Prague is in Central Europe, and is, like, the border between East and West. No wonder “Praha” means “threshold”. The rich history of the city affected the abundance of attractions. Today we tell only about the most significant places of Old Prague, which can be easily explored on foot; the shoes are comfortable not sure.

The old town square in Prague

Old Prague called Old town. And the center of Stare mesto is the old town square. In ΧΙΙΙ century here was located the Old market. The area is interesting not only in itself, but the fact that it is a concentrated mass of attractions. Initial inspection will take at least a few hours.

On the square is the old town hall. After the reconstruction after the Second World War it looks like two buildings connected together. The town hall tower which has a height of about 70 meters, opened to the public. It offers wonderful views of the city. The tower has an astronomical clock – Prague Orloj, which in itself is a wonderful attraction. Watches are not just watches, but a planetarium. Watches consist of many parts, main of which are:

astronomical disks, showing the position of the Sun and moon moving every hour the figures of the apostles and other characters of the dial with medallions, meaning months

In the center of the square stands a memorial to Jan HUS, the reformer, who was burned in the square for his beliefs. In the area many churches of different architecture, among which are the Baroque St. Nicholas Church and Gothic týn Church (Church of our lady before Tyn).

How to get to the old town square.

The tram stop Staroměstská or metro to station Mustek (branches A and b). From the old town square on foot to go to Charles bridge, the trademark of Prague.

Charles bridge

Prague, the capital, as Petersburg is famous floods in history who played a significant role. In 1342, a goal flood destroyed the bridge across the Vltava, Judith. It was decided to build a new bridge. Addicted to numerology Carl ΙV instructed their astrologers to calculate the auspicious moment for laying the bridge. And on 9 July 1357 at 5.37 Carl laid the first stone of the bridge. The point is that the number 135797531 – shifter (a palindrome). This number is stamped on the old town tower of the bridge.

The bridge length of 516 meters, width – 10 meters. This is one of the most beautiful old bridges in the world. From the two connected parts of the city with three towers – two from the Small Country, and one from the Old location. Along the entire length of the bridge is decorated with thirty statues in Baroque style. The best – known are St. Jan of Nepomuk, St. The crucifixion and St. Lutgarda. After a major renovation, completed in 1978, the bridge became pedestrian-only.

Prague Castle

Across the Charles bridge you can reach the largest ancient castle in the world (has that status according to the Guinness Book of records) – Prague Castle. He arranged, approximately, as the Moscow Kremlin is like a small town.

His story is a mirror of the history of the Czech Republic. Its walls held their residence of Czech kings, emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the presidents of the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic again. Residence imperious personages – the Royal Palace.

During the Second World war it housed the residence of Reinhard Heydrich, who imagines himself king and had donned on the head of the Bohemian crown. He did not know, apparently on the belief that it is worth to wear the crown unsuitable to the usurper, death awaited him in the course of the year. That same year, Heydrich was killed.

In addition to the Royal Palace in the city’s many other beautiful attractions. For example, the St. Vitus Cathedral – Gothic structure ΧΙV century, which is decorated with whimsical gargoyles. The Cathedral has several fine tombs. From the top of the bell tower you can see the whole castle and the Old town.

Stroll through the “Golden lane”. Here You will see the throne hall of the kings of Bohemia, the Basilica of St George, Lobkowicz Palace and Czech Museum of fine arts. Near Golden lane the powder tower is Mihulka, which once worked medieval alchemists turning common metals into gold.

At the main gate of the castle every hour is the changing of the Royal guard, resembling that of London’s Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon, with solemn music.

Walking around the grounds of the Castle are free, but some places require the purchase of tickets:

The Monastery Of St. George – 150, – CZK, family 200 CZK. Powder tower – 50 CZK, family ticket – 70 CZK Exposition “the Story of Prague Castle” – 140 CZK, family ticket – 200 CZK Prague castle picture Gallery is 150, – CZK, family ticket – 200 CZK There are also short and long tours around the city.

The price for this short tour – 250 CZK, family ticket – CZK 300, long 350, and 500, – CZK – family ticket.

Today we walked only on three main interesting places of Prague. In the following article You will see some other sights.

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